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Living proof that hard work pays off, Brandie Lynn would be a great role model for you if you ever decide to get up off the couch and workout. I’m just happy she doesn’t go to my gym.. I’m pretty sure they throw people out for walking around with boners, and there’s no way I could be within 300 feet of her without swelling up down there. Well, that and the cops would swarm because of the restraining order. But let’s not talk about that..



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  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Damn. She’s back. Thank god. Quality ass for sure.

    I’m telling you guys. Its impossible to concentrate on working out with hoes like this walking around at the gym, warming up and streching in the sexiest poses.

    They know how they look and go into a gym full of testosterone dressed like this…

    I would love to sniff that asshole. Hope she takes more. I have jerked off countless times with my tiny dick to her ass

  • SirDistic

    GIYP, you misspelled anorexic.

  • chester

    hot as hell

  • jason

    pics don’t do her face justice :P

  • Neal

    Like to see a better picture of her ass.

  • StrokerAce

    Welcome back to the lovely Brandie Lynn! Now come sit on my lap and grind into my boner. :D

  • Billy Bob

    I can tell she’s hot as Hell even in the crappy pics here. I would love to see hi-res pics of her though.

  • J

    Read her twitter. Found out she’s an idiot as well as unattractive. I’d appreciate less pictures of her…like none.

  • http://GIYP.com BULLDOG

    I agree with J…another ‘attention whore’…

  • john webber

    The last 2 comments are quite ammusing…I just checked out her twitter…This girl was sexy as hell in all her pictures…these last 2 posts r one of the following..fat ugly racist who sits at his computer all day and can’t pull any girl on here and thinks she’s an idiot bc her ex is black..or a jealous female..take that shit somewhere else. Callin this girl unnatractive is like callin a lion a dog..u just sound dumb. Keep postin picks brandie lynn! Easily one of the hottest chicks ever on this site.

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