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The 46-Year-Old Woman With A Booty That Puts Girls Half Her Age To Shame (17 Pics)

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She’s 46 and says the longest break she’s taken from working out since she was 23 has been one week. It shows. Definitely follow her on Instagram: @cttchickentuna. Enjoy these pics of her in yoga pants & workout shorts.
















You can find more of her on ChickenTuna.com and her Instagram: @cttchickentuna

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  • anon

    She still isn’t what id call attractive but her body is on fire!!!

  • Master Amsu

    Awesome shape for a old broad … however compared to the cougar not a chance … also her hips are way to narrow …..

  • Evensteven

    Total knockout! The fact that she is 46 and looks that good makes it even more impressive. Lucky bastard who gets to take the pics. I want to be him

  • iamassman

    Now that is a booty perfect for facesitting :)

  • Honus

    Now this is a sexy cougar

  • jack

    nice ass but i bet she is a bitch

    • degsy


      • Remi Dallaire

        Cuz she can

    • Chris Davis

      who cares i would be her bitch

  • ILikeAss

    go pack your things Jen Setler

  • Tommyboy

    Impressive now that is a MILF very sexy that is one 46 yr old I would hump and cream hard inside I think the cougar has some competition submit more please sexy mama your hot

  • CaptainCrankyDeux

    I guess it’s all a personal choice but I’d take her over the Cougar everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.

    That is one smoking hot bod.

    • degsy

      see, id do the cougar twice EVERY day, including sunday

  • degsy

    spectacular ass, but her legs are too skinny to call her perfect for my liking. i like a girl with thighs and hamstrings. but fuck, shes still insanely hotter than any girl i know, and even more so for her age.

  • Gile

    Jesus F! What an ass! As cute as 2 kittens playing under a blanket.

  • Rod Pullen

    If there is a Guinness world record for the longest time spent munching on an asshole, I will break it with this broad. Perfect ass.

  • koronababyyyy

    Now this is a real cougar she aint afraid of showing her face

  • Truth

    Butterhead. Yuck.

  • Peter Grinavic

    god I want to lick that ass

  • Avatar1337

    Now that is the definition of MILF

  • Adakar

    A real MILF

  • joe

    I would love to lick the sweat off of her asshole after one of her workouts! :)

  • zendaddy621

    That booty was made for reverse cowgirl…

  • Mike Oxbig

    I’ve never fapped to pics of a 46 year old female…until now.

  • PissedOffAmerican

    Oh My… Momma has the goods!!!!

  • Texas MC

    I would devour every inch of her hot body from her head to her toes and then I would bury my tongue so far up her asshole and tongue fuck it for hours.

  • J- R.o.c.

    This lady’s FineAss hell. She’s got a Gap tween her legs & a P that’ll make men like me gasping for breathe! I like her dearest!

  • awhiteguy

    i would love to snort cocaine out of her asscrack all day and night.

  • Robert Patrick Hazen Kavanaugh

    Just another scrawny ass white girl.

  • Jo

    46 isn’t old, maybe 20 years agoit was but women don’t age like that now.women are more image & health conscious & fitter ! I work with women i40-45 who look young and have amazing figures! I’m 30 and they could be my age..just saying

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