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The 46-Year-Old Woman With A Booty That Puts Girls Half Her Age To Shame (17 Pics)

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She’s 46 and says the longest break she’s taken from working out since she was 23 has been one week. It shows. Definitely follow her on Instagram: @cttchickentuna. Enjoy these pics of her in yoga pants & workout shorts.
















You can find more of her on ChickenTuna.com and her Instagram: @cttchickentuna

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  • anon

    She still isn’t what id call attractive but her body is on fire!!!

  • Master Amsu

    Awesome shape for a old broad … however compared to the cougar not a chance … also her hips are way to narrow …..

  • Evensteven

    Total knockout! The fact that she is 46 and looks that good makes it even more impressive. Lucky bastard who gets to take the pics. I want to be him

  • iamassman

    Now that is a booty perfect for facesitting :)

  • Honus

    Now this is a sexy cougar

    • ????

      What’s the big deal? Why all this press for a scrawny old white woman with a nice ass?

      • only her ass is nice

        Bald-headed with no teeth…as long as she’s white. That’s all it takes for some people.

      • Bogdan Walidupa

        I hate fat girls

      • Jon Weaver

        Scrawny and old you need to go get some glasses!!!

      • Molly

        “Scrawny” is a word lazy useless people use to describe people who work harder than they do. You got a little Haterade spilled down your front, there. Clean yourself up.

        • youlooklikeaman

          Molly, you like a dude yourself. Please shut up and sit down. Let actual men talk. Stop trying to be one.

          • Tex

            Don’t hate on a woman that takes great pride on her physique. At least she isn’t overdoing the makeup and acting like a snob. She’s in great shape, I appreciate that. I know what it takes and it’s not easy.

        • Tex

          You look phenomenal Molly! Keep it up!

      • Tokopol

        Because she’s shaped like a fucking woman. If you prefer men or something, what the fuck are you doing here complaining?

        • built like a woman? ha!

          Cut off the fake tits and she is built like a boy. She doesn’t look as masculane as Molly, but manly nonetheless.

      • Impressed

        First of all, what’s your problem with her being white? She is not scrawny, she’s athletic and she doesn’t only have a great ass, but an all-round extremely well-toned body. Oh and anyone who thinks she is shaped like a boy must know some seriously estrogen-overloaded boys.

        • awesomecarlshow

          we all know there are people that have to hate all the time she is athletic i agree.

      • Tex

        Scrawny? She’s fit, and in great shape. Unlike you, whom I imagine to be very fat, very out of shape and very black.

    • toothpick women…yuck

      Quick!!! Someone buy this chick a hamburger!!!

  • jack

    nice ass but i bet she is a bitch

    • degsy


      • Remi Dallaire

        Cuz she can

    • Chris Davis

      who cares i would be her bitch

    • Molly

      Thanks for showing everyone here who is ALSO a bitch.

      • Aaron Webb

        who you? you most likely are just like this woman in the picture. Shallow, worried about how you look at all times, your picture reinforces this. Not like I did a lot of reading about how and why people think a certain, psychology, science. Maybe she isnt that woman, but her pics of her booty are most likely an attempt to seek acceptance from others of her body. No one should ever have to do this. Be happy how you are, I know plenty of fat people that people love because of their attitude on life. Granted I frown on being overweight, but to each his own. But working out to the point of obsession, which is most likely what is going on here, is a bit much. Her fake boobs just prove all I said.

        • you hot load

          Go flush yourself down the toilet.

    • Aaron Webb

      Totally agree, most women who are so concerned with how they look are stuck up and have little brain to work with. I mean a body will get that man, but it wont keep him. Very few women that look like this do it strictly for themselves, they do it to get people to notice and look because they feel bad about the way they look and thus constantly need to improve. A real woman could be in sweat pants and a t shirt and you would still think she is hot. This type of women is what is wrong with the world. I mean people like this make 10 year old girls feel like they need to be that girl and dress a certain way ….I could write a 25,000 word paper on why people work out, and most is because they hate their physical aspects. If you need to show your booty to feel good, you will never be without doubt and will always be chasing a dream.

      • John Cuddlemuffinisms

        You tried to make a bunch of points but you failed to back up any of them with any real evidence or logic, just opinions and generalizations. You also come off as someone who projects insecurities to justify your pessimistic attitude about the world and people. Please don’t hate and judge people.

      • women hate you

        You’re a virgin, aren’t you?

        • Aaron Webb

          really funny, no actually I have had 4 different women since the new year, I have 2 bound concubines at the moment, why cause women in my life who are not so superficial get the queen treatment, clearly your not one of them. They always brag about how I treat them, come back years later wanting the treatment, and wonder how the hell I am never tied down. I never date someone I cant see myself being with in 5 years, but that doesnt mean I cant treat them the same way and do nice things, I just think this article is pushing the wrong ideals about women. Showing off your booty to the world is non-attractive, if you were secure you would not need to show it off, and you would know what you got. Me I know hat I got and aft 1000 times of hearing it, I have no doubts of my prowess. Love how people judge me as a person from a few words. Now the argument could be the same for I judged this person by their pictures, however, a picture is worth a thousand words, and those are a lot of pictures. So i had a lot more to go on then your short logical paths that led to your statement. Clearly you know nothing about me so stop assuming. Those pictures say a lot about that woman

          • Annie

            Yes the pictures show a lot about her! She works out and is proud of all that hard working paying off! What is she supposed to do? Wear unflattering outfits so she won’t look like she wants the attention? Those clothes were and are worn in private. I’m sure she doesn’t go to the gym or a PTA meeting like that! Some women ask me why I dress like I’m in my 20’s like its a bad thing. I just say “Because I CAN”. Stop saying mean things about someone you secretly long for !

      • Annie

        I’m guessing you don’t work out? or wanted to date a fit and sexy woman but couldn’t get the time of day from her. My father was a professional bodybuilder. Women didn’t do these things in the 70’s but I did! It makes me feel good about myself mentally and physically. Women that work out have respect for themselves and confidence. There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. I also have a college degree. You don’t know what you are talking about!

  • ILikeAss

    go pack your things Jen Setler

  • Tommyboy

    Impressive now that is a MILF very sexy that is one 46 yr old I would hump and cream hard inside I think the cougar has some competition submit more please sexy mama your hot

  • CaptainCrankyDeux

    I guess it’s all a personal choice but I’d take her over the Cougar everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.

    That is one smoking hot bod.

    • degsy

      see, id do the cougar twice EVERY day, including sunday

  • degsy

    spectacular ass, but her legs are too skinny to call her perfect for my liking. i like a girl with thighs and hamstrings. but fuck, shes still insanely hotter than any girl i know, and even more so for her age.

    • fell8

      Hmmm, I see what you’re saying, but to my eye she just misses the cut for having too-skinny legs for her frame. Those proportions work for me.

      Shame about the fake rack, though.

  • Gile

    Jesus F! What an ass! As cute as 2 kittens playing under a blanket.

  • Rod Pullen

    If there is a Guinness world record for the longest time spent munching on an asshole, I will break it with this broad. Perfect ass.

    • Thristy Virgin


  • koronababyyyy

    Now this is a real cougar she aint afraid of showing her face

  • Truth

    Butterhead. Yuck.

  • Peter Grinavic

    god I want to lick that ass

  • Avatar1337

    Now that is the definition of MILF

    • smeenge

      And thats the definition of 2006

      • Avatar1337

        you think an abbreviation stops being true after 8 years?

        • smeenge

          I didnt mean to imply it wasn’t true, but It definitely stops being relevant or humorous.

          • Howard

            why do you think it was supposed to be humorous?
            he made a statement, not a joke

          • smeenge

            i didnt say he was trying to be humorous, i implying that clichés lose their humor or relevancy after a decade. Using the term MILF is not a lot different than saying “this girl is the cat’s meow” or that “his comments are not groovy”.

          • Amino Man

            23 Skidoo!

          • seems relevant to me

            “Stop hatin” you know you would be “all up in this girl’s koolaid” given the chance. The “Cougar” is hott too. I doubt you could “Stay up” in her presence. “MILFs” still exist. Now stay positive and “Rock on” bro.

          • Molly

            Judging by the content of your replies, you apparently have never been either relevant or humorous.

          • Tokopol

            How is it no longer relevant? Are there no more mothers that are fuckable?

      • crybaby

        Slang Nazi.

    • Samuel Zigo

      how do you know she´s a mother?

  • Adakar

    A real MILF

  • joe

    I would love to lick the sweat off of her asshole after one of her workouts! :)

  • zendaddy621

    That booty was made for reverse cowgirl…

  • Mike Oxbig

    I’ve never fapped to pics of a 46 year old female…until now.

  • PissedOffAmerican

    Oh My… Momma has the goods!!!!

  • Texas MC

    I would devour every inch of her hot body from her head to her toes and then I would bury my tongue so far up her asshole and tongue fuck it for hours.

  • J- R.o.c.

    This lady’s FineAss hell. She’s got a Gap tween her legs & a P that’ll make men like me gasping for breathe! I like her dearest!

  • awhiteguy

    i would love to snort cocaine out of her asscrack all day and night.

  • Robert Patrick Hazen Kavanaugh

    Just another scrawny ass white girl.

  • Jo

    46 isn’t old, maybe 20 years agoit was but women don’t age like that now.women are more image & health conscious & fitter ! I work with women i40-45 who look young and have amazing figures! I’m 30 and they could be my age..just saying

    • Amino Man

      i have a difficult time judging age now also. I asked a lady out a few years ago and it turned out she was 20 years younger than me. but she didn’t say no until she knew my age…thankfully i am married now and don’t have to deal with those issues now, i see high school girls who look 30 and 40 year olds who look 21. My poor son…

  • charnk

    Six pack abs are not hot on a girl, no matter the age. If you think they are, you also like dick.

    • truth

      Yep, that settles it. You’re a virgin.

      • charnkyouloser

        Or he likes dick himself.

    • Bogdan Walidupa

      You’re a loser

  • SharpTooth_Serenity

    I’d pound that ass.

  • Nisa Menendez

    Damn, she looks good for a woman in her 40’s!

  • Agent ʘʘ7

    Nice pics, high maintenance!!!

  • http://yahoo.com/ Crazy2lolo

    I love to tongue F some of these lades…..

  • Rollingsworth_T_Vestibule

    It’s still 46. Soon it will be 56 and 66. YIKES, why won’t it stop !

    • old women arent hott

      Slow your roll turbo. I’m not gonn fap-it to a 66 year old

  • Mr. Kevin Jones

    Yeah boy, she is sexy as hell.

  • Imnotgayseriously

    My Penis just morse coded the word “Want”

  • Fr. Nosferatu

    Is it wrong for me to want to eat, drink or roll around in anything that comes out of ANY hole in her body? Is it?

  • Bogdan Walidupa

    Not only body but also face can put girls half her age in shame

  • jon

    genetics are a hell of a thing

  • Jimdo812

    Too many haters!! I think u should give credit to her workout ethics! I’m in heavy lust!!!

  • Erica Martinen

    seems like a lot of time

  • nick

    She has a great body…. for a skinny woman. I like curves and softness, not fat, soft. She’s not unattractive by any means but her body doesn’t look soft at all which is a turn off for me. But shit I’d still hit it just to say I did it.

  • Aaron Webb

    Hot yes, but because of her attitude about her body I find her to be a one night stand. I would a few times then drop her ass . If you feel you have to work out your whole to look good so you can show your booty in some shorts that are near nudity, you are no catch. Anyone that is not happy with themselves is not a keeper. If you work out for twenty years and show a pic of your booty seeking acceptance, you are insecure and would not be a good girlfriend. Never date women like this, they look good, but are you prepared to deal with their problems. Most likely you are not. “Honey we cant do that right now I have to work out. I cant eat that honey, I may gain a pound. DO you think my ass is getting big?” That is the exact question she asks herself when she takes these pictures. If she felt good about herself she would feel the need to show her ass as she knows it is. I know a few female fitness(experts) and they all have the same mentality, I am not happy the way I was made. Personally, my body isnt bad, haven’t worked out in 20 years, still got less than 5% body fat, I make life my work out. But I would rather change mental aspects and add to knowledge than worry about how I look, dont get me wrong, if I get a gut or start looking rough I may do some exercises, but this women is at the level of being obsessed.

    • die already

      If you hate yourself this much, why do you insist on living? I think this chick is gross…she isn’t my type…but to each his own. You sir, are one insecure and hateful piece of shit.

      • Aaron Webb

        Thats funny, im not insecure at all, I love my self clearly you are the one with self issues. I just dont condone women who think their booty is everything, when its just

  • Josh Palasz

    Thanks for showing..

  • Geno2733 .

    This is someone who clearly does not want to be single when she’s 50.

  • Jason

    She’s gorgeous…

    She’d be fucking amazingly, fantastically, drop-dead gorgeous without the fake tits though…

  • Tellin it’

    That is called good genetics and good habits and a marriage to someone making bucks.

  • lol

    Looks like another ugly anorexic whore to me..

  • Shorty140

    Man, I’d beat the breaks off that p!!! I’m loving how that monkey is just hanging in the pic of her with grey shirt and pink shorts. As long as I have a face she has a place to sit!!!!

  • RockSeller

    OMG that is amassing

  • hersrt10

    She might want to pay more attention to that dried up hay on her head. Us women of all colors but white. ..were born with these natural high asses and curves…no biggie. Sad little white girls….always wanting we got. Ciao!
    On with the comments. Oh, and thanks Honus.

  • hersrt10

    How the kcuf did I get here any damn way? I was looking at vacation destinations. ..sheesh.

  • Lyracorn

    Did anyone notice how she had bigger tits in the last one?

  • RD

    Her ass looks like 2 little hamburger buns…I’ll pass

  • Tex

    I’m fairly convinced I want to rub every part of her, on every part of me.

  • Al T

    I don’t see the appeal personally. the appeal in two lumps of fat near the end the food goes in makes sense. But touching the end it comes out? What? This is why anal disgusts me. That comment was too logical, ok then… umm… DAMMIT CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING STUPID TO BALANCE IT. SCREW THIS.

  • okurkaaa

    Why the long face?

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