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Who knew a tennis game would be such a great spot to see some GIYP? Guess I know where I’m heading before my bi-weekly trip to the comic store. Enlarged shot after the jump..

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  • Max

    New balls please! (I’ve just broken mine)

  • scoop

    now that ass is fat … yummmm :-D

  • Bear

    I call shenanigans

  • wow

    Definitely altered, the real one was probably nicer too

  • Joe


  • Alerick

    That ass Looks like a giant tennis ball. I’d smack it on or off the court.

  • aldusxenonisdumb

    Its fake, come on please put up real pics or just shutdown the site. and if you cant tell the diff maybe you shouldnt be running this site.

  • Eric Shun

    Reminds me of my days playing bums-up in the school yard.

  • shopped

    I have the original photo, its nicer than this shopped version for sure.

  • jack


  • shopped

    viktoria kutuzova is the name, so just google for more nice REAL pics.

  • Jimmyflimflam


    Pretty weak for you guys, GIYP…

  • tom

    i have something that would fill that sweet hole

  • Diesel

    Big ass tiny waist :) we’ve found the white Serena Williams

  • bobby

    I like a big, fat ass, but this just looks ridiculous. It doesn’t leave me with a good feeling.

  • Tony

    I just saw the real pic. I think the real pic is nicer.

  • VinsanityAL

    That’s Jelena Dokic

  • joeyfeets

    Photoshopped, 1 sec google search revealed her real picture, Viktoriya Kutuzova : http://www.totalprosports.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/viktoriya_kutuzova.jpg

  • chris

    How do you even pay attention to a game with that thing in your face? And HOW do you get an ass like that??

  • AnalGod

    Getting tired of ‘shopped shit.

  • http://Giyp Manny g

    She looks like a centaur.

  • Capt. Blackfoot

    Photoshopping people should be outlawed! The original of this is pretty nice, this is just unnecessary and ridiculous. I like a nice big booty, but this just isn’t right.

  • Capt. Blackfoot

    And yes, I said NICE big booty. The nice comes first because quality comes before size of the booty!

  • RickJames!


    This is the original picture of Viktoria Kutuzova prior to Photoshop.

  • bobby

    Now that I have seen for sure that this is a ‘shopped photo, it really makes me lose respect for this website. Girls in yoga pants was a good idea but I would visit this site to see real girls. Lately there is too much of this garbage.

  • Terry

    What was wrong with the original pics. Can you lay off the shopped crap. Makes me think how many other so called real pics are shopped. Have some integrity.

  • StrokerAce

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who prefers the real photos.

    Seriously, those who run GIYP, use the TinEye website and try them out first. You can even post the ‘Shopped pics (such as this one CLEARLY is) vs. the real ones. TinEye shows 14 matches for this pic alone, and the real ass is much nicer…because it’s real.

  • StrokerAce

    And if it will post, here’s the link for TinEye comparisons:


  • YoungGun

    Fake shit is getting old. Why do some think they have to turn a nice ass some getto crap?

  • whoodoggie

    I really wish we could just stick with nice asses instead of this garbage. Why spend the time taking a great ass like this chick probably has and then make it look like some trailer park bitch on Jerry Springer….yawn!

  • Big D

    Wow this is sooo bunk! I’m ashamed to check for twitter updates now as I haven’t seen a real pic two days in a row for a while! Pull it together!!http://www.totalprosports.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/viktoriya_kutuzova.jpg

  • photoshoped
  • Robert

    Dammit whyyy! Where is the original??

  • JP

    Oooohhh, now tennis is suddenly a sport?? Now everybody pays attention.

  • Phillip
  • http://1d3cay.tumblr.com V

    You guys need to install TinEye and use it before posting stuff here because this is the second PhotoShopped ass I’ve seen so far, although I’m sure there are plenty more in previous posts, too.


  • Ch’booie

    Viewed side-by-side I kinda prefer this one to the real one, because in reality she’s as flat as a pancake. I think that if whoever shopped this didn’t go quite so overboard I wouldn’t have noticed.
    But with that said, I don’t want to see no god damn photoshopped bullshit up in here! There are plenty of women out there with asses that really are this big… Oh wow… wait… what if some of my past favorites have been shopped and I didn’t realise?!

    Aw man, now I’m going to have to kill myself.

  • Sandman

    Oh yeah, the real pic is SWEEEET….absolutely no need to ‘shop her

  • ColdNads

    The original is much better… shame on GIYP!

  • Yowas

    Your creditability and integrity are shot. I won’t be back and I’m unliking you from facebook.

    Way to ruin a good thing. fvck1ng dumbasses. (pun intended)


  • sergio vaquez

    2 pages back is the original,i think. BUTT I kinda like this one.

  • dontLikeFakes

    100% PHOTOSHOPPED, the true anna kournikova has a smaller ass, yeah it is a photoshopped pic of her

  • http://www.google.com R. Allen

    Hulk like, Hulk Smash!!!

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