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She wins whatever the competition is and all of the judges most definitely have boners right now – this Girl In Yoga Pants is a ten. Submitted by GIYP fan David, he titled it “teaser”.. If this is the tease, I don’t think my heart would make it through the full show.

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  • Rothschild

    does any one have her contact details (ie twitter etc) i think im in LOVE…lol

  • Netjnke

    7-8 out of 10. Her hair is scary

  • Yoga Guy

    Um…underage? @Netjnke, I don’t think that’s her natural hair color…I think this is a very very white girl trying to look multi-racial.

  • derek

    @netjnke – you are seriously gay for even mentioning her hair. look at her!!!!!!!! 10/10

  • B

    beautiful nice frame white black yellow its all good here beautiful

  • Jimbostro

    That hair is extremely sexy!! She is hot but how old??

  • Jizzy

    I’d splash some natural hair gel in her funky hair to hold it back.

  • Netjnke

    Hair and eyes are always the first thing I look at. If they don’t work, the rest won’t either. But yeah she looks like a minor anyway.

  • Stratman

    OMFG! She looks so young. I’m not a dirty old man. I’m not a dirty old man. I’m not a…….it’s not working.

  • jimbo33

    I’m sorry…too nappy haired, bordering on tranny. Looks like she borrowed mommy’s iPhone too.

  • Sy Brrrr

    She is definitely Hot ! 10
    I’d make those eyes cross and her toes curl.

  • StrokerAce

    Damn it…I’m wondering about her age now as well.

    I’ll hit it in about 5-6 years – is that safe? Make it 7 years; I’ll have an itch to scratch. ;)

  • YoungGun

    Looks to me like she is wearing a wedding ring. Like they say a rign doesn’t fill a hole, but I’d be happy to.

  • Swanner10

    6.5. Very pretty but too much junk in the trunk for my liking.
    Definitely not a ten

  • http://www.trillerthanmost.com kylef

    there is nothing wrong with that haircut. what a thing to complain about.

  • GIYPfan

    Makeup….the original PhotoShop. Also, this angle makes it look like she has more of an ass than she actually does.

    Being generous, this is a 7.

  • Chris

    Holy ass!! Definitely lookin underage but NICE ass!! WOW!

  • rob

    GIYP you have restored some faith in me…

  • Richard Head

    I wonder if she can feel my leering?

  • http://www.twitter.com Bone775

    im 18 she looks about 16 it works (legal where im from), hair aint a problem to me id just grab it as i pull her back on my…

  • Chef Freak

    that’s definitely a wedding band, she’s definitely not white trying to look “multi racial” she may in fact be mixed. and she has a fantastic ass, the angle does distort the size a little but it’s certainly not giving her a buttload more…pardon the pun.

    she’s hot, I’d smash it all night.


    Jimbo33 did u really say she is too nappy haired & looks like a tranny? I’m sure you have experienced your fair share of trannys. That girl is beautiful. You must like guys. Fag.

  • cazr

    Shes has fcken nice ass baby i wanna get down…

  • Kid Salami

    Very hot,but definetely underage

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    im fuckin this broad

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com kev


  • Ch’booie

    I’d definitely fuck her if she’s only 16, especially with an ass like that.

  • SkateThenBake

    i agree wit Chef Freak on all points, and this is for sure an all nighter

  • Carlos

    I’d definitely like to see more of this sweet young 10

  • firytu

    You morons, the ring is on her right hand (its a mirror). Therefore, not married and probably in grade 10.

  • rawballz

    U dumb fuks, thats not a wedding ring! That pic is in a mirror, its her right hand. But yah, lookin young!

  • Robert

    omfg this shit is WIN!!!!

  • http://aol Buddy Roe

    7 at best! She gets 3 points for simply having a vagina.

  • nonameyet

    Rawballz, she is wearing the ring on her wedding hand, use leff hand and right hand logic… Fack yall killing me….

  • jballz

    OMFG these comments are the best. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. That hair is HOT and that azz is NICE. Jeezus. But yeah…lookin a little yizzoung… 3 points for simply having a vagina wins tho. Oh man… true dat. When she gets outa high school she’s a 9.

  • Eric

    Thankz Jballz, I can’t believe all the comments either . Fact is if she came up to you and Said Fuck Me , all of ya , no matter hair, Age , Skin , Ring , angle of ass, WE’D ALL HIT THAT ASS QUICKER THAN A HEARTBEAT, now let church say Aaaaamen and continue to Check Out some GIYP

  • fapper

    It is fucking photoshopped, look at blanket and the bed in the background… still fap fap fap

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