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  • Divesh Nair

    Nice, and firm!

  • Jaydee

    There is a difference between a big ass (good) and a fatass (bad). That sir is a chunky fatass

  • Bigo

    Nice pic, hopefully the thong matches the yellow shoes!

  • HoboDicCheese

    that is just fat. take it down.

  • darkwise

    I’d smack that ass!

  • allen


    looks kinda lumpy

  • Jonathan

    Girl in the jeans to the left aint to bad.

  • Alex

    lol i was looking at th girl with jeans too… yay number 2

  • steve

    Gets my aproval. And ya, the girl to the left isn’t bad. I just hate what she chose to wear. Is it weird that the first think I’ll look at when I see a girl is the pants she’s wearing , and if it’s anything but yoga pants, tights, or spandex booty short thingy’s (yenno, like voleyball chicks wear), I won’t even give it a second look? I esspecially hate jeans (except for jeggings :D)_ Anyone else the same way?

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Aw DAMN!
    ….What MuthaF’n TARGET is This??????

  • BootyWatcher

    I work at a Target in Detroit and there’s tons of big bootied ladies in yoga pants…I’m too big of a puss to take pics tho, or I’d submit at least 4 a day. Lol

  • Capo Flynn

    I want her to take a baduey right on my face!! I want to smell it 1st thing in the morning with some fresh marination goin on!

  • Scott

    flip flops and a fat ass, no thanks, get some quality on here would ya.

  • maestro716

    Oh My God!!!!

    Sniff Sniff

    Love the See Through!

  • El

    Thighs rubbing + no gap + knees knocking = bad sushi

  • StrokerAce

    Nice hourglass figure. While she may not be ultratoned, she and those curvy ass cheeks are very, very welcome at the S. Ace household. I like her attitude of going out in public and allowing that ass to be viewed like this! :)

    And yeah, I’d like to see the other chick to the left making better (read: “yoga pants, spandex, pantyhose”) clothing choices. ;)

  • smokestack

    @ El – yup

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Thats hot and that girl with the jeans fine too

  • Johnny

    That most definitely has what it takes for me.

  • fanofgiyp

    Roger that. Target spotted. Missile locked.

  • random guy

    I liked it a lot more before the jump to full view.

  • eddie


  • Jason

    Yeah, size of the ass is nice, and her upper body seemed pretty fit. She just needs to hit a couple squats each morning and that ass will be in tip top shape! Girl on the left has no ass at all and skinny jeans look horrible on girls, stop wearing them!

  • Jason

    Just to clarify, skinny jeans look horrible on anyone, just figured it’s a given that guys shouldn’t wear them.

  • Ty

    ^^^ umm no? If skinny jeans look “horrible on girls” than what kind of jeans jeans look good? I’m assuming that you’re grouping straight leg jeans and skinny jeans in the same category, if you aren’t sorry for the misunderstanding : )

  • Soul

    The chick on the left ain’t so bad.. just sayin

  • Steve

    9/10 for me. if she weren’t wearing the stupid flip flops she would have gotten a 10.

  • Darwin

    Decent subject. Helluva creep.

  • blueollie

    Nice fat ass with the nerve to wear this in public; I like it. I like a variety of looks; this is a good “trash look” variety. Were I in line “behind” her, I’d be hoping that she dropped something that she’d have to pick up.

  • D-Tank

    That ass looks more lumpy than a sack full of potatoes. NO THANKS!

  • yes yes yes

    Clean up in the lotion aisle…

  • Jeff

    I think I threw up a little in my mouth


  • MIKE C

    think ill pass on this one

  • graniteplan

    very nice, hit the gum a bit and avoid the icecream to shave off the side mounds and its all good

  • bill

    Very nice, I like a well round ass.

  • Sean

    I love it nice Fat ass idk what these ppl talking about this shit is bootyfull pun intended

  • http://facebook T

    Where can I find me a Lady like that? Perfection but does she know how to use it?

  • http://www.theefab.com make a profile

    lovin all the roundness

  • projectbadass

    I tried to walk into a target once, but I missed.

  • Matt

    Look close,… She’s pushing a baby stroller. Nice booty tho

  • pablo_honey

    What gives with the 5lb sack with 10lbs of cottage cheese stuffed in it? Gotta hate the footwear too.

  • riverman

    the chick on the left in the jeans looks way better!!!

  • jay

    was alot hotter till the full pic haha, still love to bang that big fat ass though

  • Jason

    Ty – Skinny jeans are a very specific type of jeans that just came about in the last 203 years. They are the ones that are tight even at the ankle. Why would I be grouping regular womens jeans with skinny jeans?? Your comment makes no sense.

  • Jason

    ^*^ 203 = 2to3

  • http://toddcasttv.tumblr.com/ ToddCast.Tv

    A little more yoga, and we can circle back to this chick in a photo before and after…. but hey you gotta start somewhere.



  • rideem big

    Are you kidding that is wild and hot. Big bootie is the bomb! yummy

  • Yoga Guy

    No likey.

  • http://www.theefab.com make a profile

    mama gotta fatty

  • Njnolan

    it moved

  • hissingfetus

    I thought this was girls in yoga pants not fat bitch in line at target.

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