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A beautiful GIYP that we’ve featured before, Tahiti Cora is back with some shots she uploaded to her Twitter, pre-workout. Keep going for the bigger version!

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  • Brian

    id hit her in the shitter

  • Aldaris

    I’m a huge fan of Tahiticora and see her in yoga pants is the realization of a little dream…I love you Tahiticora , you are my only queen!

  • mso4ivp

    Absolutely stunning!! Personification of SEXY!

  • buttman

    i would love to floss my teeth with one of her turds

  • StrokerAce

    Hell yeah, that’s sexy! :)

  • NG

    You mean “Titty Cora” right?

  • jack

    Very nice!!! Perfection

  • Carnage

    So did her parents name her Tahiti cause they didn’t love her, or cause they wanted to give her a name suitable only for a stripper?

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