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A little something to help any GirlsInYogaPants.com readers who are fans of both the Lakers, and big booties, get through their loss.

45 Comments Big booty



  • umm

    Now that’s a booty!!

  • crack sales rep

    Thats a crack head with an nice booty…… check out that face.

  • Andrew


  • Johnny

    I like it.

  • Richard Head

    They all look the same with the lights off. I’d abuse that ass like the Mavs abused the Lakers.

  • Brandon

    big booty, butterface.

  • DD

    Whoever Photoshopped it forgot the shadow for her left arm and purse.

  • mgb1979

    Is that Ron Artest?

  • Man_Club_Prez

    Photoshop or not, from what you can see of the face, that chick is banged up. That is, if it even is a girl to begin with.

  • graniteplan

    That ass is rediculous, she looks like a clown with those proportions

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Love the booty bad title i know what you mean!

  • El

    Needs some photoshopped teeth. This trick looks like she had some dynamite gum.

  • Eddie


  • yes yes yes

    Ass for days

  • Robert Weldon

    one word: NASTY!!!

  • Meathead

    Looks like Kobe beat the shit outta her….damn !!


    Lmao looks like that ugly bitch is drooling and yea really bad photochop lmao and yes I meant photoCHOP cause they did a shitty job!

  • jeffm209

    NOPE… Sorry.
    An ass should never be 6 times larger than your hand.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    she looks like a crackhead, no dis.

  • DirtyJila

    A transvestite with a photo shopped booty? Nice. You suck f**king balls. 0/10. Gabbage! Horrible pic.

  • Ray

    WHOA>>>>>>>> I need to find a toilet so I can puke my guts out and then gouge out my eyes so I don’t have to see something that damned disgusting on here again!!


    …does she wipe it often! hat’s alotta land!!!!

  • Scott

    Another nasty ass black chick seriously??? Can we not get away from posting crack whores please? No one wants to look at this nasty shit.

  • Steve Souza

    That is a guy. Trust me. I know. Don’t hate me just cause I’m metrosexual.

  • Steve

    How do I say this nicely. No thanks. Face is very beat up.

  • El

    @scott. What does black have to do with it? I have seen other post where you are borderline racist and this one proves my hunch.

  • Dikwitha

    Loks like about 20 pounds of ass in a five pound bag.

  • Scott

    I’m not racist moron, I just find black chicks ugly, racist means to hate, I don’t hate black people, they’re just ugly as sin.

  • Ilikebigbutts


  • jack

    A doctor & plastic surgery couldn’t help that.

  • poon

    I thought it was agreed…no more ghetto skeezers!

  • El

    I’ll show you a moron. I’ll buy you a round trip ticket to my back yard then have you shipped back home.

  • Brandon

    It looks good, but why is half of her face out of the picture. From what I can tell, she is ugly as shit. That’s the kind of girl that you bury her face in the pillow so you don’t have to see that ugly bitch.

  • jeffm209

    El is an angry El

  • Larch

    Grosssss. Why are there so many $5 hookers on this site? This site used to be awesome, but has really gone downhill.

  • Domerfan

    Ass implants don’t count. Shame on that surgeon for putting those in! Anything for a buck, I guess!

  • http://beechcreeps Tim


  • http://beechcreeps Tim

    That’s not Junk In the Trunk, that is a whole friggin salvage yard!!!

  • AnneK

    poor girl :(

  • Damion

    Ass is awesome…

  • idhitit

    crack sales rep and Andrew got it right but I’d still spend $20 on that and fuck her doggystyle/reverse cowgirl and spew all over that ridiculous tit job or crackwhore face lol

  • cazaculonas

    que culote mami para sacarte los peotes

  • fiz

    That’s such a huge turn-off…..really awful.

  • Iv693

    Holy shit that crack head face just kill my boner:(

  • Iv693

    Holy shit that crack head face just kill my boner:(

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