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A GirlsInYogaPants.com reader decided to venture outside recently.. Not just out in to the public, but out in to the wilderness! Filled with physical activity and gross sweat. Lucky for us, this daredevil brought his camera with him and while braving a mountain (in between heart attacks) he was able to snap this creep shot of a GIYP he got “stuck” behind for 20 minutes..

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  • YayPhotoshop

    Nice looking, but I bet the original is just as impressive. Less PS needed,…

  • buttman

    that is a fat ass, not a phat ass. god dont you guys look at this shit before you upload it. get that bitch a salad and a treadmill.

  • Chris

    I seriously want to find her a fuck her right in her perfect ass!!!!

  • StrokerAce

    Meh, that’s all ass. It looks ‘Shopped, but I don’t think it is. She could use a little more meat in her thighs for better proportioning.

  • The Last Universalist

    That is beautiful. I need to get out in nature more often…

  • bootyologist

    now that is an ass. you fags at GIYP need to put up more similar pics


    there is another way that i’d like to get “stuck” behind her!

    with my dick stuck in her pussy doggy style that is, that’s the kind of “stuck” I’d like to be with her, just in case you didn’t get my inuendo the first time. Yup, stuck in her rear, her vagina, my penis . . .

  • George

    I’d cum in that 5 times before breakfast. Daaaaayum. This is what that word was invented to describe.

  • Ass man

    What a beautiful ass. I wanna cum all over it after slamming it from behind

  • DrDoak

    It looks like an old lady’s flat ass.

  • DrDoak

    Who Photoshops this shit, anyway? They should probably take a course at their local community college, and learn how to actually use the program.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    It looks like an old lady’s flat ass.

    Yup… YUCK!

  • Q tard

    Yoooo in my opinion this chick doesnt need anything i love a nice big ass :)

  • Ass hat

    Id stick it in her fat ass

  • Ward Cleaver

    No thank you.

  • Richard Head

    I’d hike my junk right up her ass until it got stuck.

  • Anonymous

    20 minutes and only one picture?

  • http://www.wildhorsedesign.biz/ J Smith

    I could see why you might think this might be “digitally enhanced”, but I dont think so…the grain noise and edges look correct. I think what might be throwing you off is that this girl just has an unusually big ass…
    I say Good for her!

  • Jaco-B

    @ Buttman, you’re crazy if you think that’s fat, look how skinny her legs are, that is definately a phat booty. One lucky day of hiking.

  • D Fish

    DAAAAMMMN. That is an unreal ass. Why is this girl not a celebrity of some sort? Then again, no face shot, maybe she’s not good lookin…still a massive back side goes a long way…

  • Leo the Booty Connesieur

    Word D-Fish, this girl should be famous. Women (and dudes) would kill for curves like that. But I bet she’s all self conscious about it. Anyone want to take a guess at mesurements? I’m guessing that booty is pushing forty inches around!
    Yo hiker: can you get a tape measure or a face shot?

  • D Fish

    Exactly, Leo. Lulemon should pay her to walk around in those pants. 40 inch plus is my guess!

  • Ass Lover

    Damn I would stop her right there and fuck her with my big fat dick

  • kldjaflsjdkj

    Is this photoshopped or something? My God… words really can’t explain how this photo makes me feel… her ass is so round and perfect… even her arms look really sexy… women truly are God’s greatest gift to man…

    I’m literally starting to salivate that’s how pleasing this picture is to me, haha.

  • gohst

    thats a freakishly big ass but i just want grab it with my hands

  • Londoner69

    I’m going to fap to this picture for the rest of my life. God Bless Donkey Butts.

  • bootyoligist

    I saw this pic last year, and I keep coming back to this picture for my personal “needs”. One of the best on this site hands down (hands down my undershorts). Its a crime that we, the men of the world, don’t know who she is. Like the lockness monster or bigfoot, one day shell be discovered!!!!!

  • Master Amsu

    that is one fine ass for spanking and fucking!

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