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This girl knows how to make her booty pop without the use of some weird enhancement underwear they sell on late night TV.. Interested in seeing more? Keep reading for the full shot..

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  • mario

    that ass is so bad, that she gets to have her booty hole lick by me!

  • VendettA

    Me Gusta

  • panser


  • Be in my movie

    Thats a thing of fucking beauty

  • hitman

    I would filter my coffee through her panties!

  • George Costanza

    HOLY SHIT! I want her to stroke me :)

  • Tom

    that is one fine looking ass can i lick it for an hour!!!!

  • Canon


  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    love that ass!

  • Richard Head

    I want to pop all over that booty.

  • Ben Dover

    OMG why do you post these gross chicks who think they are hot. The only thing making her “booty pop” is all the chips and ice cream she eats sittin on the couch.

  • Diesel

    That’s a Flo-Jo ass. Squats & lunges built for power fucking :)

  • nick

    this is an amazing ass……………..btw this ben dover guy is clearly a homosexual

  • joeman

    An fat ghetto ass only the pants on the ground chimps would love. Keep this crap on the rap sites!

  • Spurtz

    K, that ain’t cool. She’s gotta cut down on the Ho-Ho’s. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, lady.

  • Optimus Primal


  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • The Truth

    Its sad in today’s time that people are still racist and have to call people monkeys, if i said they keep put trailer trash up here you would be offended. The girl is sexy yall are just lame Optimus Primal and joeman, if yall got that much time to down someone because there race, all yall must do is jerk off

  • StrokerAce

    I’d love to be pushin’ that sweet cushion! :D

  • jack

    This is one disgusting a$$!!! Stop posting this disgusting crap!!!

  • AK74

    Gross! Here we go with the nasty ghetto asses again.

  • El

    Face down, ass up.


    This is nice, HitMan is a bull queer!!!

  • eddie

    anyone that finds that attractive needs immediate medical attention

  • Batman

    I’ve asked this before, but I’d like to reiterate. Can we play stop seeing black, fat girls on here. Keep them off in their entirety.

  • Skipper

    Now that´s is very sexy!!!

  • SkipGotSkills

    God Damn…..!!!

  • http://www.partnership-agreement-template.com Derek

    Yeah, she’s really, really, really, fat…next

  • Max

    Baby got back !!!

  • Ch’booie

    This girl may be fat by your definition but there is zero evidence to suggest that’s she dirty or smelly or in any way nasty or gross. Or that she’s from or currently resides in a ghetto.

    the main fag amongst you, Optimus Primal, seems to be the main fag here, but all the other fags like the Ben Dover or the Batman, you all have such faggy little unoriginal names too, really juvenile shit. Anyway, you fags are basically not only fags but also a bunch of racist assholes too. And stupid.

    Can a site which is essentially a toilet ‘go down the toilet’?

    Anyway, this girls ass is amazing, I want to fuck her, et cetera.

  • George Costanza

    ANY one who doesnt like this ass is a fag and fucks boyish ass

  • AK74

    I don’t like this ass, so I guess that makes me a fag. ?? Fuck off.

  • lil dick

    I’d love to hear her berate my little white dick and inability to please her while itry humping away and that big juicy black booty

  • Riley Martin

    I would love to bury my face in that ass till I suffocate!

  • TheDeathOfYou

    Yes AK47, it makes you gay, just like your dad…You call her ass ghetto? That’s like saying, she has a poor ass.Does that sound in any way correct to you? No, it is not grammatically sound. First, she’s probably smarter than you, she probably has a better house than you, she probably smells better than you, because you’re just a little wankstain who goes on the internet to call beautiful girls ghetto. Who even uses the term ghetto? Your atrocious way of speaking is in itself ‘ghetto’ and I feel bad for you. Just in case you’re wondering, I’m english and I pity such racist blokes. Who even calls themselves AK47? Is that the only gun you know? Here’s a lesson, it is not classy to call people names, but what would you know about class? You probably needed to be colonized a bit more by England, you incompetent bafoon. I’m not calling you names by the way, I’m just mentioning what you are.

  • TheDeathOfYou


  • http://giyp.com Bulldog

    @TheDeathOfYou…WELL SAID!!! Also…notice how the BLACKS on this site DONT call the thin, bony, assless WHITE girls names??? A lot of these folks on here need to GROW UP!!!

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