Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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Keep going for the high-res version of this creep shot

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  • assbandito

    Little on the small side but still very nice!

  • http://yahoo.com erndogg

    Very nice! And tight! Tight like a tiger!

  • The Stilt

    looks real nice. would have followed her for miles.

  • Laurence

    God bless creep shots. I want that thong in my mouth in my tongue in that butt hole.

  • JerseyDoug

    Delicious! It’s not creepin’ when it’s that public! BTW, anybody else notice the matching bus advertisement and her boots? LOL

  • Gary

    Why is there an UGG ad on the back of the bus and on her boots?

  • dr assman

    perfect for girls in tights dot com ..giyp’s low-class cousin

  • Scott H

    definitely flushing ny

  • George Costanza

    I saw an ass at walmart and wanted to stuff my face in the cheeks!

  • Cockjuggling Thundercunt


  • StrokerAce

    Yeah man, pics like this are begging to be taken, and it’s our duty to deliver the booty. Thank you to the cameraman! :D

    She may be an Asian babe.

  • Jagoff

    Is it just me, but arent creep shots the fucking best? It’s like a plus 3 right off the bat…

  • CreepshotArmy

    Well done my ninja

  • Jordan

    God I love GIYP and Uggs!

  • I’v693

    Will rub one off tonight for sure:)

  • Ch’booie

    She’s wearing ugg boots and there’s an ad for ugg boots on that bus. Coincidence? Probably.

  • D4M4G3 Inc.


  • jonny fever

    The Ugg boots just kinda ruin the frame. When are chicks gonna figure out those things look stupid. That being said, Wicked ass, and I’d eat the peanuts outta her stool!!!

  • http://quaquaquoquo gagagogo

    WOW, that is definitely bell boulevard of bayside New york lol

  • cazr23

    Nice ass all fcker on the street yeah..

  • AK47


  • Qwerty

    So great u hardly notice her bald spot

  • Kevin

    This is from my home town of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Looks OK, her boot’s match the bus.

  • Jimbostro

    I would stalk that all day

  • Pungdjur

    Wow… Wow! This is THE best yoga pants picture I’ve ever seen!

  • BowtieAssassin

    The New York City Bus disagrees with you, took approximately 11 seconds to zoom in and figure that out.

  • UGG

    Any one notice that she’s wearing UGGs and the bus is advertising UGGs. I don’t know why i found it so funny XD

  • Kelster012

    Made in NYC! “Big Apple” bottoms


    This was taken on Bell Boulevard in Bayside, Queens New York. That’s the Q13 Bus Line!!!! Represent!!!

    oh yeah, sweet ass

  • Alec D

    Perfect lighting and timing not mention a nice tight ass

  • George

    The things I would do to that asian booty, nice black thong

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