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Even if this girl was as guilty as OJ, I’m pretty sure dropping down to this position would exonerate her of all charges. Sent in by Len.

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  • maestro716

    That’s porn star Priya Rai…pretty sure she’s in that position because of a shoot haha.

  • Vic

    Nice, she’s flexible :D

  • Scott

    I don’t care who she is, I’d fuck that six ways to sunday.

  • DWane

    this is awesome who ever she is….it does not matter what her name is just that she spreads em wide and high!!!!! If you smell what I am cookin!!!!

  • Baguito

    She’s very bendy :)

  • jose

    Wow! That just looks like u can have so much fun with! Damn!!!!

  • Jack

    Money shot!

  • Jack

    Jeez! Went to her site…talk about water buffalo twats…

  • Peter North

    Looks like she can take the PeteyNorth money shots !

  • Zack

    I approve… =D

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • janey

    BUTT SHOTS!!! COM’ON!!!!!!!!!

  • fanofgiyp

    I’m with Janey. A butt shot would be nice, but ya gotta like her flexibility!

  • Darwin

    Now that is what I call talent!

  • yowza

    cant see much from that angle, BUTT SHOT PLEASE

  • riverman

    meh. fake tits and obviously an attention whore. i’ll pass. next!

  • jacqueline

    umm scott…..u n every other guy out there, and most of her industry prolly already has!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    WOW!!! She ready for me!

  • money shot

    @ Janey

    I agree I prefer butt-shots but you can’t tell me you wouldn’t at least like a sniff of what she’s sporting there? hehe ;)

  • Scott

    Jacqueline I still would, that’s one hot lookin chick. At least from this pic. Whore or not, I’d still plow her.

  • Scott

    BTW to the site owner, for godsakes dude, DO SOMETHING about your damn security, every other time I come here I get virus blocked from my anti-virus. JEEZ, stop being a virus carrier.

  • StrokerAce

    I think a butt shot would seal the deal! :D

    @maestro: the “shoot” is cumming from me onto her face! Or at least onto the pics I’m printing off. ;)

  • charlie

    I like to flex girls in the position to get down..

  • Dave

    now if those were crotch less ,id be in heaven

  • Kisdaring

    Word to the wise for future poses. If you going to pose like that your not going to want to close your eyes..Way to many Creepy guys running around with way to many dirty thoughts (present company included). Well played!!!

  • Johnny

    Clearly she has the moves and all the credentials.

  • Bradin

    Oh, my god! I have so many dirty thoughts that I want to say, but I can’t! DAMN!!!

  • Justahandyman

    I’ll agree with riverman, but they’re not fake – they’re “artifically enhanced”. And a butt shot would be the prefered view.

  • Frozenstiff

    Mere words fail me. Wow.

  • kingdread

    look at those gross implants, disgusting!!!

  • Charlene

    yes, kingdread I agree with you. DIsgusTing BOOBS. And I knew instantly that she was a porn star by looking at this trashy shot. But, not all hate. SHe is a pretty female IF she took those poorly done implants out and wore less makeup. BUT alas, that is the calling card of porn stars.

  • william

    i do’nt know what janey and son r talking about and do’nt care with a pose like that ain’t nothing to it but to do it

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com smile

    those jugs cold hold my beer can any day of the week

  • Rem

    Шпагаг супер…

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