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I like Sofia Vergara. She keeps it real and comes right out and says her boobs are the reason for her success. Unlike Kim Kardashian, who is still trying to fool the world into thinking she has some sort of talent or purpose.


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  • Marco


  • exterminator6969


  • Zack

    GIYP… You do NOT dissapoint.

  • http://www.hotdogsandhellfire.com HDandHF

    Ironically, she IS more talented than Kim Kardassian, and could make more plausible claims of it.

  • http://- riverman

    god damn, what i would do to her ass!!

  • john


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  • Old Dog

    Oh sweet mystery of life!

  • HoppGroundKid

    I need a cold shower …. make that an ice cube shower …. make that a glacier shower …. make that I’m moving above the Arctic Circle

  • Jack

    Looks like an all day job…

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Her ass is not Prime, but those knockers are! (((Al Bundy Stare)))

  • rolnndo




  • Me

    hmm… Im with archagel

  • yowza

    nice all around package

  • Vic


  • nitwit

    just the way i like it. square

  • http://www.charles-bukowski-quotes.org Derek

    She is so amazing, and funny too…can’t wait to see her again (on the show, of course)

  • http://www.askmen.com Akeem Alexander

    That SOFIA VERGARA IN YOGA PANTS is going to be Fucked First in Her Slimy Inappropriate Ass in My Top 100 Billboard Fuck List!!! ;D

  • StrokerAce


  • http://devon.Lakers2416/Facebook.com Devon2416

    Sofia so fine love her!!! GIYP you are the best!!!

  • Johnny

    Yes. Count me as a fan.

  • Darwin


  • allen

    sofia has always been hot… always will be i suspect… i’d bone her in her 80s…..

  • assman


  • tm

    Only been following GIYP for a few weeks, but this is the best yet. Thanks.

  • butts3xlover

    ive been a fan of her since she had some crappy travel show on Univision(over 15 years ago) she sure is getting better with age

  • Trina

    Wow…I am definitely a fan!

  • viz

    holy shit i was not expecting all those great ass shots after the jump… AWESOME!

  • Lindsey Ross

    I love Sofia!!!!!! She also admits her big break was when she was spotted in a g-string on a beach. Too funny!

  • charlie

    i love sofia nice ass.. ay vergara a qui lo tengo cuando lo quieras mamasita…

  • StrokerAce

    Damn, where in the hell was I when this was posted?????? WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!


    Boner overload!!!!

  • Marcus

    I would do so many things to her… it would be the best 11 seconds of her life!

  • Chipper

    WOOF !!!! pass the saltpeter, please….dayum !!!!


    That women in #1 in the HOF hands down for every aspect of GIYP!! NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!!

  • Ass Lover

    I would shove my huge dick in and out of her pussy and ass, she would be screaming aye papi and begging for more and cumming all over my huge dick

  • Dr T and the Women

    The guy above me is trying to hide his obvious gayness by being overly heterosexual. Notice how he said “huge dick” twice. Very telling indeed.

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