Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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  • anon

    those are some saddlebags :/

  • former jarhead


  • http://Www.upandoverrc.com McDub

    Gravity will win that battle as soon as those pants come off.

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeahm I’m always first haha

    Wow she’s way too thick for my liking

    That’s a weird shape for sure

    Some people get fat on the stomach section

    Some people get fat on the ass

    I get fat on my tiny cock but not with this picture

  • http://Www.upandoverrc.com McDub

    You mean “2nd”…

  • The Last Universalist

    Anyone who doesn’t think that booty is magnificent is a queer. I would be on that like white on rice.

  • Val Venus

    Who gives a fuck if ur first at commenting on a picture u fucking faggot

    Anyways she’s sexy

    I’m fifth and I space after everything

  • http://www.first.com first

    you’re fith cuz you suck douche bag

  • StrokerAce

    That’s too much in the lower body in proportion to the rest of her. She’s looking lumpy even in yoga pants.

  • http://Www.upandoverrc.com McDub

    You mean “fifth”…just sayin’

  • http://Www.upandoverrc.com McDub

    Even strokerace wouldn’t hit that…toldya she was nasty

  • George

    Will need a ‘WIDE LOAD’ sign when in wally world.

  • G Spot Finder

    Looks shopped. Right side is wider than the left.

  • buttman

    like crisco FAT IN THE CAN ill pass

  • CG

    For the majority of the dudes that would pass this up, wellmore for me. :)

  • I’m hard now

    I WOULD PUT IT IN HER BUNGHOLE, then her mouth

  • 1 j

    that’s just plain disgusting. this is supposed to be HOT GIRLS in yoga pants, not fat whales with black flags on their tails.


    Ohhhh,Plllease…. NOT while I’m eating dinner! I just lost my appetite!

  • NoThanks!

    Eeewww, NOT while I’m eating! Now I lost my apetite!!



  • Doc

    That is one fat bitch. How can her ass get so fat? Does this make anyone else want to vomit?

  • MakingHypocritesOutOfFreaks

    There’s only one thing to say: Nigger. (By the way, if you’re gonna bash me for racism, you’re nothing but a screeching hypocrite)

  • daddieo

    horrible quality THUMBS DOWN!

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