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This submission comes from Canada. I can’t not look at that abnormally skinny leg on the right.. cute tramp stamp though! Please resubmit so we can confirm that’s not a peg.

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  • Yowza

    all those horizontal lines aren’t making ms. skiiny look any better

  • mike

    It not its because its bent forward. But who cares ass like that trumps peg.

  • janee

    nice and petite!

  • jeje

    It’s the angle of her leg ya’ dumbass

  • blargen

    lol, it’s just the perspective

  • Jesse

    very skinny leg indeed, butttt am digging that wakeskate in the corner, she just got a whole lot sexier!!! also, definitely need good strong legs to do that, so a repost is almost mandatory

  • Marco

    Bangin’ – I love it!!!! MORE OF THIS GIRL!

  • Nash

    is this one of those 3D posters?

  • Durdy Burdy

    I would munch on that little ass hole like a mother fucker! She’s also be great for “WTF Tattoos”.

  • Jon

    wow, she is skinny, still fuckable though

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Boney Ass, Eh?

  • Whirly

    Smack that ass. Give me a nibble

  • Swex

    That is one of the best asses you have had on! Damn

  • grant

    odd pic angle, but nice ass. i’m liking the strips and the tattoo, also.

  • Soul

    Doggiestyle :”D

  • Dwane


  • Chris

    Wow! Nice setup!

  • youadot

    those pants make her legs look strange

  • johnny


  • Derrick

    the only thing that makes her fuckable is the fact that shes a female. other than that ILL PASS. too skinny. deformed ass. deformed leg.

  • http://i El

    Those sharp ass bones will stab you to death. It’ll be like a wolf licking his wounds. You’ll be getting stabbed and still keep hitting it.

  • graniteplan

    Ok see the “stopcar” girl to see an example of agirl with an ass. Guys, anyone who thinks this is an xaample of a nice ass must like 12 year old boys, common, this pic is terrible, in fact this prooves that yoga pants and tights are not for everyone, just cause you are female and slim doesn’t give you the right to wear them and front havin the goods, a Ass gives you that right ladies….nothing else.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    its alright little more meat but not too much ut ill hit it

  • StrokerAce

    I’d hit that, but I would like to know about that leg/knee area. She’ll have to submit a few more pics from all angles and assorted colors of yoga pants for us to be sure of what’s going on there. ;)

  • Johnny

    That ass is working for me. She could do with a few good meals tho.

  • jayjay

    her legs are a bit skinny but the ass is still good overall very nice

  • the ass doctor

    PISS POOR PIC ANGLE that being said the woman is very fuckable come on guys good shape, nice ass, legs ok, great tat, nice gap.From 1-10 pic 5, chick 8 would i hit it 10

  • graniteplan

    @ ass doctor
    you are up for mal practice if you call that a “nice” ass, common, it is flat, narrow, and has zero meat all bone

  • hey_how_ya_doin

    i’d hump her leg

  • Bernard Dover

    Nice ass, undercarraige too!!!

  • Baguito

    the tramp stamp adds a nice touch…

  • pablo_honey

    SOMEBODY MAKE IT GO AWAY! That is nasty in a bad way.

  • Frank

    best ass on here…

  • Eric

    Why do so many of you prefer thick legs? Gross.

  • JuggNuttz

    so many chubby chasers around here… we get it you like to fuck fat chicks… this ass is amazing, nice and tight, love it!

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