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I guess it makes sense she’s a blonde.. I’m just wondering if so was everyone involved in the production of those pants. Grade four spelling mistakes aside, she’s got a beautiful behind and you should keep going to see it bigger!

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  • Rich

    I do hope that middle finger is intended as an offer.. please?

  • big dave

    Nice N jucie, gota love that!!

  • Jason

    Some damn fine posts today fellas. That is one sweet ass. Besides, that is just how I like my blonde’s (it’s actually “blonde” for women and “blond” for men BTW)…..dumb.

  • blueollie

    Thin white yoga pants on a nice broad ass….and she has an “attitude” to boot!!!

    “Physically attractive, attitude and dumb as a rock…reminds me of someone…” :)

  • Nash

    i creamed myself just now!

  • Yoga Guy

    Simply outstanding.

  • Chris

    Oh my God that is a sexy ass! HOTT!

  • John

    You guys should thank me – I truthfully submitted this photo of my girlfriend this morning. I’m dead serious – ask the guys who run this site.

    She was pissed when she saw my blackberry camera this morning and hence gave me the finger. She didn’t seem to mind that I was going to submit her photo to GIYP. I guess she knows the deal, as she always sees me on here.

  • Brandin

    I’m masturbating right now

  • StrokerAce

    John, you need to take MANY more pics of her and submit them! My wrist will never recover, but I’ll be smiling the whole time! :D

  • Burris

    I should fucking hope that her ass is silicone free.

  • Randy

    No undies… hot… wish we could see the front, too…

  • HumptyDumpty

    To bad thats not your girlfriend John, haha nice try. You have jail bait right there Dominque Bravaco, she used to go to my school. Damn fine ass though

  • Paul

    This is a totally fine outstanding ass. I generally browse the site through Google Reader. Honestly, 70% of the asses do nothing for me and I won’t even click through to reader the comments. Another 20% I think “that’s nice” and may visit the comments. However that top 10% I’m fucking floored by and bookmark to visit again and again. This ass falls in that top 10%.

    My all-time fave is:

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Amen to that i love natural women!

  • summerer

    Fuck you too and that attitude bimbo! Silicone free my ass! Read a book now and then whore.

  • Robinhood

    silicone my ass…I will stuck my arrow in your ass….

  • RandomAndrew



  • big fan

    This lady has moxy, and a world class bottom. Her boyfriend hit the lotto.

  • ronamyth

    Would love to see her stick that finger up her sweet lil ass!

  • giggityzz

    damn she has a sexy body i love her back and her arms, and of course her ASS! i want to rub my meat between her buns omg

  • http://girlsinyogapants colinsaGal

    smackable is not that great paul…way better on here than that, but to each his own!

  • Nash

    i had to come back for seconds..damn i wish i was her lover!

  • Shane

    I would love to give her a wedgie without using my hands… if you know what I mean. Her ass is amazing. To the idiot that told her to read a book and then called her a whore… go f your self, you probably have a little cock and would’nt no how to hit that the right way doggy style anyway, so who cares what your uneducated pathetic ass thinks. This is girl is built like a brick shit house so you assume that she is stupid? Your a f ing IDIOT.


  • http://girlsinyogapants ruthless

    I dont need to say anything but…. beautiful!!

  • Johnny

    There is no assuming she’s stupid, the typo on her ass kinda gives it away.

  • http://www.the-spearhead.com kid kasah

    I wud RAM her in her back ;D
    cumm all in there ;)

  • Boo ya

    I just got Sooo hard right now

  • Mathew Brito


  • JimInNorthwest

    I could just see my “spanky” between those glorious cheeks.

  • http://www.google.com R. Allen

    My cock wants to meet your butt hole!!! Mybe they can be friends!!!

  • Verified Columnist

    mmm i wanna dive in

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