Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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Petite booty on a fit body with a tramp stamp as a cherry on top!
Submitted by John

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14 Comments Amateur
  • SMHking

    NAAA (No Ass At All)… SMH

  • Charlie Choo Choo

    Looks nice, need more angles!!

  • WTFz


  • Jagoff

    Hardly any ass and no milk bags… Is that a dude? C’mon GIYP get it together…

  • Taco

    Why even put this up?

  • Matt

    All I see is a pancake. She’s missin tits & ass! Weak sauce for a Saturday

  • StopSYH

    She is fit! I love a girl that works hard on her figure. Stop SYHs. Enjoy the view! Her ass is great for her size.

  • Claze

    I’d split that girl like a peice of wood.

  • drew

    Perfect. More like this

  • cazr

    I still fck u baby it is good for me…

  • StrokerAce

    Yeah, we need more shots and better lighting. :)

  • swex

    Thats nice.
    Sorry, its girls in yoga paints, not hippos in yoga pants.
    Split it like a piece of wood? The only thing splitting will be your little toothpick dick!
    If you don’t like these fine tight asses you should go watch B.E.T

  • Ben Dover

    Looks good but more angles required for sure.

  • bootyologist

    not really into young boys. got any healthy women?

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