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Some of you were disappointed in the Side Shot Saturday update we posted early today, I don’t think anyone has a reason to complain about this one. Keep going for a closer inspection!

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  • middleman

    humina humina humina humina

  • sportyGuy

    With a body like that, who needs a face?

  • lorco

    she is hot and firm and i bet that she likes it hard and fast, that is what i bet. i will let you all know after we have the sex.

  • StrokerAce

    I’d like the larger pic even better were the ADS OUT OF THE WAY! LOL

    But yeah, she has a bangable body and ol’ Stroker’s gonna be fappin’ all night long! ;)

  • joe

    Her stomach is disgusting

  • Ball

    we need like a thick thursday or soemthing

  • Pugiron

    Retards prefer fat ass “big booty” to this, because they are retarded.

  • Ben Dover

    Wow, there is a girl who takes care of herself. Honey you should let me take care of you a few times. Great ass.

  • Olive Branch

    Bravo! Amazing body! Thanks for sharing

  • buck safety

    Whoa man, that’s a fuckin’ dude. It’s a she-male if I ever saw one. What the fuck you doing posting that shit? That’s some fucked up shit, man. There’s a package in this dude’s crotch if you can’t see it, and those arms are bigger than mine. Too bad the nine little monkey-spankers posting here before me can’t see that. Could lead to an embarrassing rendezvous back at their house some night after a night on the town. What’s going to be even more embarrassing is when the she-male’s dick is bigger than theirs. Ta ta.

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