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She’s French.


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  • mikemt

    there ain’t no problem with that… I thought you’d say the catch was she was a man or something

  • taz


  • Peter North

    I thought maybe she would pick up a dumbell with her camel toe but nothing…

  • StrokerAce

    French is a problem? Not when it looks that damn good! :D

    Je m’appelle StrokerAce! And I love you, French hottie!

  • Aaron

    Is she wearing rubber? Either way. HOT!

  • kmodorex

    at least she shaves her pits!

  • Johnny

    French… oh well, at least she hasn’t got tattoos and she is smokin hot.

  • http://fridayfuckyou.blogspot.com/ Josh

    just fast forward to 2:40 and watch from there!

  • mark johnson

    Lol Peter North comment.I love the outfit,think it’s what makes her looks as good as she does

  • RS

    She could recite a list of vegetables and _still_ be sexy! Yummy!

  • Bradin

    Oh, good god! This has to be my favorite! So HOT!

  • DanceCrashers

    She’s French?!? Good god, that must mean in addition to being hot she is probably, smart, funny, healthy (obviously), cultured and not going to turn into a fat piece of shit like most American girls have a tendency to do!

    Oh, the HORROR!!!

    p.s. and before you say anything…I’m American, so I can say how horrible we are and not feel bad about it.

  • http://priscillapolite.livejournal.com/726.html kaitlin

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

  • BDI’s

    C’est la vie…

    I also thought the catch was that she was a man or something. But instead I’ll just say SHE’S a catch.

    And as for the pits, it’s usually the Germans that like to leave the pits fuzzy. Most of the other Euros I know (GF is Polish, plus I know some Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, English, and Slovakians) shave them proudly as a matter of hygiene.

  • steev

    same girl from the same series: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK3TyMk-jP0


  • http://rockinghorseguy.com Lester

    She’s French? And we’re supposed to care?

  • aa
  • oh my god

    Holyshit. WOW!! I came.

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