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Submitted by Dave, he’s had us drooling over this big booty babe since it landed in our inbox. The waist to hip ratio is incredible and you can see her damn underwear.. this right here is wife material. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to check out the high res shot and decide for yourself..

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  • Jay

    First! Daaammmmnnn! Yes please!

  • http://GIYP james

    mother. of. god. $^#$% …..

  • miko


  • buttman

    i think i see a piece of lettuce hanging out of her ass crack?

  • Taz5002

    Holy Shnikes……NICE….:)

  • StrokerAce

    I’mma needin’ my own personal Masturbatathon today! :D

  • illest

    I’d tap that in that position. Back it up gurl.

  • Keke

    I like the ass to underwear ratio

  • The Last Universalist

    Mmmmmmm…. delicious.

  • CG

    Beautiful site to see indeed!

  • dingo jonez

    Dam dam dam HOLY FUCK DAM!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://hitachimagic.com/ HitachiMagic.com


  • diggler

    damn thats a sexy piece!

  • JOSH

    GOD DAMN!!!!!!! she is so fine

  • http://AOL buddy roe


  • billyjoequin

    Damn id slap n tickle that ery day! DAMN

  • asslicker

    man that asshole looks like it taste so good i want to tongue that hole

  • J

    Those are clearly leggings which is tight enough are always see through. Yoga pants are made with a much thicker material and are never see through….

  • WtfDoUCare4

    Leggings or not, I don’t give a shit. It’s a good view regardless.

  • IP freely

    I would tickle her

  • Iv69

    I just wanna fuck the shit out of her…that’s it

  • sexyhardstud11

    this makes my mouth water SOOO much ^_^

  • Arron

    Can someone please let me know who she is so I can find her sweet dreamy ASS and fuck it forever.

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