Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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You worked hard all week and now it’s Saturday and you want to relax.. We understand and would like to apologize for the boner you now have to deal with, I’m sure you’ll be plenty relaxed in about 25 seconds. Make the jump for the high res shot!

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10 Comments Amateur
  • StrokerAce

    I think the “Amateur” description here applies even more to the photo, uhhh, “manipulator” than to the subject.

    I think I’ve seen better ClipArt.

  • cazr

    Next time dont put noting under the pants looks much beter…

  • Revelation of Life

    What kind of piss poor photography / photoshop 101 shit is this??? Make a new tab called garbage. I’m deeply disturbed by this photo, the quality and the ass in this photo.

  • YouPickAName

    I told grammy to stop wearing non-slip socks when she takes sexy pics of herself….

  • Dan

    Hot nice !

  • JET


    dude thats not ass.

  • Whatever

    All I can concentrate on is the fact that her pants aren’t lined up properly..

  • ballsdeep

    do you guys even try anymore?

  • SM61

    Why isn’t this under the big booty category and how come no one likes this photo?

  • George Constanza

    Oh, FUCK,, I have A.I.D.S thamks to STROKER..! Wwwwhhhhaaaa! My Balls HHHHHUuuuuRrrrTttt!!!

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