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I’m with Tim Horton there, I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off Sara Underwood.. What a babe!



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  • George Costanza

    Why is this on hall of fame? those 2 girls have bodies like guys!!!!!!!! makes me sick

  • JET

    biggest waste of time in life.
    and theyre acting so fucking stupid that if i even had a boner to begin with, id be limp for 3 days.


    that is a butt


    Why is this on this site?
    WTF is going on here lately?

    Can we get some nice yoga pant ass please?

  • Bean

    if you’re talking trash on Sara jean underwood you A)Are a homosexual B)Probably a transsexual C)Lost your dick in a horrible dick losing accident and probably should just go kill yourself.

  • George Costanza

    @Bean sorry to burst your zit but adjust your glasses and get away from that isolated white town you live in. Go to a modern city where you will see asses that you only dream of. THese 2 girls are guys flat as an ironing board.

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Sara & Jess, hot piece of pussy (no STD)

  • SACMan

    Don’t you mean Tony Horton?

  • anon

    don’t talk shit about sarah she is a ninja warrior i saw her on the TV show kick major ass. She was only one to finish the obstacle course. She is obviously totally hot and she DOES have an ass its just really fit, not like the ghetto booty that many of you idolize and that is freaking ugly to most rational “white people”. Sheesh. I think if you are a white person and you have herein dissed sara underwood it is evidence that your internet perversions have warped your brain and you are now a fag or some other kind of pervert.

    Sarah Jane is ninja warrior and she proves that hot white girls with white girl yoga butts made for lululemon dominate all the other ninjas on the obstacle course. Power to white girls and their white girl butts and the amazing, awesome beauty, that is a white girl butt honed by proper yoga practice.

    Cheers also to administrators for promoting healthy pictures of fit girls working out and looking good. Even though this site is visited by creeps and pervs at least you promote a positive image of women!

  • StrokerAce

    Our GIYP host is thinking “Tim Horton” because he’d like to slide his cream-filled long john in Sara Underwood’s tight little ass.

    Or maybe I’m the one thinking that. ;)

  • Landon F

    It might not be the nice big juicy booty that I normally like seeing, but they are both smoking hot women. Sara is the kind of girl i just want to bang silly and lick her crack, while Jessica, although I would also like to bang silly, is more the girlfriend type. IMO at least

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