Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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Keep going for the extremely high resolution picture..


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  • primero


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Can’t shut me down as much as you want! This is America!


    Finally some quality ass. Thanks guys. It was about time.

    Look at that. Perfection. Cute face, nice tits, slim waist, pink asshole. What else can you hope for?

    Well, I could only hope for shoving my nose into her asshole to see what color her shit is today.

    This one looks tight. Imagine her running around, everyone looking at her because she’s willingly out dressed like a little slutty attention whore. And she loves it.

    This one is top quality.

    As your unofficial GIYP Quality Control Director, celebrity guest poster of awkwardmessages(dot)com, and THE best in the world, I give this ass my sweet tiny tight mushroom stamp of:


    Guys go nuts on this ass. You have my blessing. Wish we could see more of her. Classy ass for sure.

  • StrokerAce

    I wanna spunk all over her stomach and titties! :D

  • Billy Bob

    She’s cute, in shape and the girl next door look going on. I give her an 8 on my crank-o-meter. Not much going on in the chesticle area. Kinda small.

  • bws

    God bless whomever got that pic!

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