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Monday morning can suck or Monday morning can rule.. Today, we’ve made the decision for you. You’re welcome. Make the jump for the high res shot!

13 Comments Amateur

    Not much there, but man, that’s a pretty fine setup!!
    That’s another ass that i’d scuba..

  • Callixtus

    yes please!

  • renandstimpyy

    That looks horrible. :/

  • M.S. in Bootyology


  • Dennis

    The picture’s not great but the ass is pretty nice. I’d get on her like a cop on a donut.

  • cazr

    I wanna fck her cum inside her ass and the pussy to..

  • Unkodave


  • Joe

    IMHO, that’s the kind of butt that yoga pants were made for….. yoga pants weren’t made to double as sausage casings

  • YoungGun

    Fit and trim, makes me grin.

  • Bigballer69

    Hell ya

  • StrokerAce

    I like Joe’s “sausage casings” comment. LMAO!

    And I’d tap the ass in the pic, but can you guys crop the pics to keep the ads from blocking stuff?

  • jack

    Very nice!!!

  • Chef Freak

    I’d rise and grind on that for sure.

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