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You may remember this tanned lady from a previous post of ours, she was happy with the response and had her boyfriend snap some more pictures for us. Another after the jump.

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  • othello

    looks great…very nice

  • bob

    damn girl, please keep sendin em in. you got a spectacular ass

  • somethingmoist

    lucky boyfriend, very nice ass

  • StrokerAce

    As I said before, I want to get it on with her and Coke Bottle hottie…or just watch them enjoy each other while I spank the monkey.

  • Roco

    Would it not be dangerous to fart with these on….just asking?

  • BumLover

    @ Roco, that’s a comment fail, sir.

  • Rick

    If your boyfriend ever leaves you, he’s a queer. That’s an ass nice enough to put up with pretty much anything.

  • Robert

    it is nice we like !! *borat voice*

  • brewmaster58

    Presennnnnnt bum! Very nice!!!

  • Bocca

    sweetness, that is a top notch ass my God…..can we attempt at a few more pics in a more provocative position pls? Perhaps bent over on all fours, and maybe pull the pants tight inside that sweet slit?… you are by far my favorite so far…love it!!

  • FatMammie

    Am I the only one that sees how flat it is? It looked flat in the first pic, too. Try standing up, turned to the side.

  • http://www.myspace.com/457527366 Alejandro, fan of CJ

    Yes. This is the stuff. That ass looks so good in white, and do I see a sign of a tiny waistline?

  • jordanfan

    when i dream of a fine ass, it looks just like this one

  • Victor

    TTHHHANNNNKKKKKKK YOOOOUUU!!!! This is great!!! so if you guys get bored you know what to send =D

  • money shot

    That is an absolutely amazing bum! Girl, you are HOT! As some others have already mentioned…….more please….and yes…a nice “money shot” in those pants without underwear would be heavenly….. ;)

    Your boyfriend is one lucky dude…hope he knows it!

  • JamesD

    Very nice, butt it could still use some more angles.

  • tmac

    I still say its a man! Why doesnt she show us a facial view.Show us the adams apple.

  • jeepanon

    these pics are nice, but c’mon man. if you’re a dude submitting your girlfriends ass, you obviously know what position she should be in to get the best pic. we want to see some awesome shots. your girlfriend has a smokin ass. lets see some close ups.

  • juicy j

    face down, ass up thats the way we like to f***

  • John

    The very nice ass to snuggle up next to…sweet !

    A nice bent over nude shot with that sweet mound showing would
    be just incredible !

  • adlyia

    To borrow a phrase from Charlton Heston the “Ten Commandments”… “Behold the mighty works of the Lord!”

  • Larry

    OMG!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Jay

    Speachless…beautiful…more please

  • Eli

    Close, but still not screen saver quality. Home gurl needs to hit me up, because it’s obvious that her bf doesn’t know how to snap ass shots.

  • energizer

    would love to grab those cheeks and just spread them ever so gently and then……BAM!

  • joe


  • dan

    this is the most amazing pic ive ever seen…please take more!!!

  • controller

    MORE, MORE, MORE! Never quit posting!

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