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I asked my girlfriend what she thought of this before choosing it.. she said it looks like there would be potential in real life, but that it’s too dark and the image quality sucks. Since the submitter of this shot is the owner of this booty, I’d say we call for a resubmission. What do you think guys? More angles? Better camera?

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  • Marco

    Potential? Shit – that’s gorgeous!!!! Better lighting and more angles would be nice – but I can tell right away that that’s a nice little booty. If the subby needs verification of this, she can come visit me for an in-house consultation ;)

  • D-Tank

    Needs a better angle and more lighting.

  • Towman

    Ya I like it I want to see the pics of my girlfriend up that I sent to see what the guys think

  • Dave

    Yes and yes.

  • bocca

    I’m liking what i can make out…..but def more pls….white yoga pants no panties preferably…..very nice curves!!!

  • Chris

    HELLS to the YEAH!!! Bring on the angles with the High Def.


    @Towman send it in again.

  • ButterySteelo


  • Darwin

    Oh yeah!!

  • http://www.bodybuildingworkouts.tv Bodybuilding Workout Videos

    definitely got potential

  • Drifter

    This pic’s pretty good!

  • viz

    top quality subject

  • taz

    top shelf ass there, get another pic with her bending on bed would be good.

  • http://devon.Lakers2416/Facebook.com Devon2416

    1 question can i touch it??? because your ass is nice!

  • fanofgiyp

    Always willing to see more angles. Oh yeah and different colors too!!!

  • Yowza

    my tongue would fit nicely in that sweet little ass! as long as I have a face she will have a place to sit

  • Chris

    This looks TIGHT. Need more.

  • Dereck

    It’s a bit too child looking, I like some junk in my girls trunk! Eat some food then come back

  • Gabby

    WTF? That is my pic ! I WANT IT OFF !!! FUCKING PERVS !

  • StrokerAce

    Oh yeah, I’m pump that ass, but I think she’s been here before. Can’t shake the deja vu (like I’m shakin’ my stick).

  • StrokerAce

    I’d^ pump that ass, I meant.

  • Johnny

    I’m thinking a better picture will confirm the apparent awesomeness. More pictures please!

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  • http://www.askmen.com Akeem Alexander

    That Slimy Inappropriate Ass is going to be Fucked First in My Top 100 Billboard Fuck List!!! ;D

  • Yoga Guy

    Oh my oh my…I’m late and catching up on posts, but I just wanna add: that is PRIME PRIME PRIME. The photography may not be the best, but that ass is.

  • guy

    More angles,better camera and less pants ;)

  • sjfz

    damn, i know a girl who wears yoga pants all of the time and she’s got a butt like this. faaaaantastic.

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  • Jon

    clean up ur house, god damn, at least make the bed, looks like a crack house

  • DC

    God damn! Half the people on here could never get something like this. Grade A+

    IMO perfection

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