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This girl submitted asking our fans to rate her booty on a scale of 1 – 10, so make the jump for the enlarged pics and sound off in the comments..


(Click picture to enlarge)


(Click picture to enlarge)

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  • chester

    nasty and droopy, who approves this shit?

  • DougieLittleHand

    I’d give it a 4

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com Assteroid

    She’s got a nice, small butt but her style of yoga pants detract from the presentation.

  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    Careful guys, you might be jerking off your tiny dicks to a 12 year old boy.

    Maybe if she showed more legs, body, even face. But not like this.

    This is a quick comment giving my sweet tiny 12 y/o boy mushroom stamp of:

    P A S S

  • zach

    Solid 8. You got a nice booty I like it

  • Billy Bob

    I’m gonna have to agree with first. IF this is a girl, hopefully it is, its not that good of a picture. IF this is a girl is give her a 5 on my crank-o-meter. It’s a lil big n not all that tight.

  • Spanky

    Not shapely at all. I agree with chester.

  • Turd Ferguson

    Top pic: 7
    Bottom pic: 4

    I’m not sure what’s going on with this booty.

  • High Libido

    7.5, I’d plow that driveway for hours!

  • StrokerAce

    If that’s an adult chick, her rating depends on whether she’d let me hit it. ;)

  • Jake

    I’d love to give this a 10 but I need to see more. I think you’re probably a 12 but maybe send some more to fudbud@Hotmail.com and I’ll give you a solid analysis.

  • Lemie

    I’d give her nice ass a 9 and tell her to call me haha

  • jason

    it’s got good shape,but the “Holister” fold-over thingy makes it look like its flush with the girl’s back.

    i’d probably like it more in person. 4

  • Ch’Booie

    I rate that booty a big fat zero. When the booty doesn’t stick out any further than her back, it’s a total turn off.

  • SumYungHungGuy

    you are all full of shit that say that aint a nice booty. like any of y’all have actually seen one up close aside from creepshotting. I would rate this a 10, would stare and with luck be able to follow down the street just for a block or two…hot!

  • Chun

    Fat Bitch…

  • Mike

    Little small for me. But it looks like the rest of her body is great to. So I’ll give it a 8.

  • Neal

    I give it an 8. Would like to grab and spank her ass.

  • George



    Perfect 10

  • datass


  • datass

    Still looks like it’d be a ton of fun to smack dat ass!

  • Billy Bob

    You guys who rate this ass a 7 or higher must never have seen a real nice ass before! Go back a few days and look at a few of them high grade asses. Not every picture is listed is great. You can’t swing out the 10’s on all of them. Have some restraint guys.

  • assmonster

    I’d give it a solid 7.
    Nice shape to it, but not that thick.

  • Ass Man

    7… not bad

  • sybrrrr

    The skin pic shows it to be a fairly nice ass, better pose would help immensely hun.

  • chad

    7.5, I think she is trying te hard to take a good picture. The best ass shots are from the relaxed position. I would go balls deep.

  • tommyboy

    I give it a 9 you look good in these pants

  • kevin

    I give it a 2. She’s kinda scrawny.

  • Kyle

    scale of 1-10…..

    1.239999999 (repeating of course).

    Barbara Walters has a nicer Ass than this …..

  • Bobby

    From 1-10, I’d give it a 20.

  • bootyologist

    i think its obvious. it’s a 4, at best.

  • Tbl95

    10 amazing ass!!! Who is this?!?!?!

  • grumplepuss

    that’s a dude’s ass

  • Horny Lil’ Bastard

    As long as it’s a girl’s, I’d fuck it all night long. 8==D ( )( )
    11 out of 10.

  • Verified Columnist

    hmm her booty is a bit small but i’d rate it a good 7.2/10

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