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Here’s a pic of a girl in yoga pants from 50 Cent’s business partner Shawty Lo.

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  • George Costanza

    too bad that girl is dumb enough to sleep with a rapper.. they carry so many different types of HIV half are yet to be discovered.

  • theguy

    holy shit, it’s a black Hugo Strange.

  • RED

    “shawty lo”????? are you kidding me? Where do they come up with these names?

  • gtrman

    No fucking way, I’m shocked I tell you shocked! Of course those fuckin’ retards do, all they do is like hot girls like that, kinda shameful how rappers are constantly relying on beautiful women to sell their so called “music”. And WTF GIYP, how come we can’t rate comments up or down on this site? I’m sure my comment would be up there if we could, btw rap = retards attempting poetry

  • mo

    I like how no one commenting on the yoga pants

  • Ass Master

    This photo is not worthy.

    Take it down.



  • Clarity

    You guys are just as ignorant as some of these rappers. Unfortunately for you lames, you allow yourselves to draw conclusions by what the media puts out instead of searching for the answers for yourselves. There are definitely some corny rappers but some of you show your ignorance by generalizing all rappers with your comments. Glad to see that bigotry is alive and kicking…CLOWNS!

  • George Costanza

    @Clarity FYI the only real rapper Tupac Shakur, everyone else is garbage

  • Amateur

    Why is he wearing 2 watches?

  • George Costanza

    @Amateur because thats what niglets do when they go from the ghetto to a few hundred bills

  • guccimane

    shawty lo dun dun dun it all all the hos he fucked em all

  • Callixtus

    I thought this was GIRLS in yoga pants.. not black guys drooling on random girls ass.. More girls, less rappers and other male shit..

  • Diego

    Enough with posting wannabe artist niggers. Don’t we have enough with the same video of those 3 idiots that gets reposted every week? I can smell that stinky ass breath from my iPhone.

  • George Costanza

    Im waiting for eddie45 to come in and defend this wanna be rapper and all brothas!

  • http://Giyp ASS KING

    If you don’t Iike rappers that’s your problem. You Sorry
    ass Fags just mad because they get to fuck the chicks in yoga pants and you just jack- off!! So, fuck y’all Bitches!!!!

  • Wtf!

    Wtf at all these racist comments!

  • StrokerAce

    “Shawty”…what overdone idiocy. Who in the hell would want to be known as “Shawty”? That’s just a stupid name.

  • Reality Wynn

    I agree with Ass King.. SMH @ all these racist comments.. Yet all these black dudes and rappers are banging the chic y’all are rubbin one out too..

  • tight!

    Rappers…HA HA HA! They get all the girls??? Yeah, sure…after the motherfucking clowns PAY the whores sure they do! Who would want to be caught dead with any of these silly negros?

  • ScooterDoo

    Ghetto people at their finest hour

  • heavycock

    Why can’t monkey ass and white cracker ass honkeys enjoy this website/ blog together…? It’s GIYP, not the KKK’s website… Let’s all look at tush together in peace and harmony…

  • Diego

    Jealous? Ha! I don’t need money and fame to get women. I have game. I workout religiously and I have an extensive education, I also speak 4 languages. How many do these niggers speak? These mother fuckers all they have is connections because most of what they call music is all the same shit all the time (Da hood, guns, niggas, bitches and hoes, etc). I can guarantee you those females wouldn’t even dare sleeping with one of those monkeys if it didn’t bring them any kind of benefit i.e popularity, money, etc.

  • Maine

    Wow! I am not surprised that racism is the nexus of the comments under this picture. But, I am however, appalled at the LEVEL of apparent ignorance that is being displayed. I agree, it is not as good of an ass-shot as the others, but it meets the theme of this website. Diego, for you to be so well versed in the successes of life, your grammar and sentence structure is abysmal. I picked you because you tried so hard to make a point that inversely made you appear to be irrevocably retarded. The funny thing is, these “niggers” are de facto richer than you. Which means, they picked the road less traveled that you obviously didn’t. But, hey who am I to judge, I’m just some dumb nigger fighting for and serving this country full of ignorant people like the ones depicted above, and inevitably below me.

  • Tacohell

    ^ nuff said! :D

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