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It may come as a surprise to you GIYP fans, but I am not a professional body builder. Well, that’s not entirely true.. I definitely am building a body here, just not one you’re going to see on the cover of.. umm.. one of those weight training tip magazine things. Anyways, this girl does care about her body and we’re stoked!

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  • Hed Furst

    Good Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd…!!!

  • Spencer

    yup that’s smackable

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  • JimmyFlimFlamMan

    Now, THAT is an ass. No jiggle-jello there.

  • El

    Too manly. I would need to see the full view.

  • StrokerAce

    Protein booty? Yeah, after I inject her ass with a bunch of it! ;)

  • Scott

    That woman, who given the age look of her skin is probably old enough to be my mom has a thin layer of blubber all over. This shit is nasty, next.

  • Burris

    sick… what is that, hulk hogans grandmother?!?

  • Rickster

    You guy’s are just sick homo’s! Don’t you know that the tanning bed addiction can do that to a woman in just a heartbeat but even if she is old… Damm that is a FINE ASS!

  • LoveThatAss

    Hulk Hogans grandmother or not, she’s getting some dick.

  • edddy67

    Shapely & fit…now THAT’S an ASS! Hulk Hogan’s grandmother??? What are you simple? I want something I can bounce a quarter off of, not some crack whore monkey with an ass full of grape soda and cheetos!

  • Conan

    Mmm milf booty. I’ll have what those pants are having.

  • Steve

    I am extremely hard right now after looking at that.

  • DWane


  • isaac

    Absolutely disgusting, jesus GIYP sucks lately :(

  • jack

    Didn’t know yoga pants had a built-in girdle. Next!!!

  • vs

    Looks like that ass would chew you up if you tried to get into it.

  • Sara

    Absolutely not! It almost looks like a set of wings. No thank you.

  • Vindicator

    Is that a man?

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