Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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21 Comments Amateur  //  Big booty
  • George Costanza

    I could slap it.

  • The Last Universalist

    That I would tap. That’s fine right there.

  • cazr

    All still pop the cherry any time..

  • StrokerAce

    The right hand pic has kind of a weird left cheek dimple, but I can still see myself slapping that booty to watch it jiggle. :P

  • loki

    that’s a sofa sitting,dorito’s,soda,chocolate do nothing all day arse. pure flab, needs a gym membership asap

  • Sandman

    Those are some dumpy-looking asses, both of which I’d hit no problem

  • buttman

    saggy ass but i would still eat one of her turds

  • jack


  • M.S. in Bootyology

    Im in between. Undecided.

  • yum

    That is a very nice ass… will we see it post work out?

  • Eric Shun

    Anyone who tucks their shirt into their yoga pants plays by their own rules. This chick would destroy every one of you in the sack.

  • Ryan

    Thats a fine ass! Real women have a little curve to them;)

  • Landon F

    I want her to sit on my face. Post workout though

  • Italian

    i would love to see more of her ;) especially some enlarged shots!



  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    naw, im good.

  • bilbo baggins

    i would fuck that ass

  • TheTruth

    I don’t understand, when there’s a white women with a saggy ass, nobody makes a comment, man these white dudes on this site must love black girls because they get the most compliments lol

  • big man

    Nice ass would love to bend her over and just eatthat pussy out

  • Ryan L

    Fuck I just want her to just sit on my face and giggle that shit.

  • Anonymous

    This is a great balanced ass. Not too big, not too small! Back Handles! :D I’d hit it like a boss.

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