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This is what squats do.


39 Comments Amateur  //  Big booty
  • George Costanza

    I would fuck this girl for 10 years straight. If I had the opportunity and I was her uncle I would have raped this ass when she was a virgin!!! :)

  • eaglesfanone

    been waiting a while for something like this on this site… i give it a 14/10

  • Ass Master

    Very beautiful…


  • YoungGun

    I would love to climb aboard for the ride of my life.

  • Adrian

    Wheres the hi res pic?

  • lamar

    o_O 12.4/10

  • D


  • bootywatcher33

    George Costanza you’re a fucking idiot


    That’s another ass that I’d wear like a scuba mask for as long as she’d let me.

  • George Costanza

    I came back to look at this ass, while I fuck her brains out all you guys can stand behind me and gawk into my asshole :)

  • Bill

    Wars have been started for an ass like that

  • lovechicksass

    gawd damn!!

  • ScooterDoo


  • Canuckguy

    Women are such teasers wearing outfits like that.
    It’s GREAT!!!

  • josh

    I’d shit on her chest

  • George Costanza

    I would let her shit in my mouth,

  • StrokerAce


    I just hit the floor as all the blood rushed out of my head and into my cock.

  • Khody

    Amanda Latona > great ass, hidious face

  • George Costanza

    I would make her wear a George W Bush mask while I rail her asshole for 10 hours straight.

  • George Costanza

    Damn i cant get enough of this ass!!! I want to smash my face in there and absord her ass odor for 45 minutes!!!!

  • eddie45

    Costanza can’t post past 8pm…mom & dad use the computer after then. He is 12 years old you know.

  • George Costanza

    @eddie45 I like you, I would not mind if you and mee shoved both our cocks up this chicks asshole… yummmmy

  • http://Giyp.com Quincy

    Thats what I’m talkin about!! Boom!!

  • c-love

    Cutie with a very nice booty!

  • C-BOW

    Oh my lord…This is what motivates me to go to the gym everyday =) Sometimes I think girls wear yoga pants just for the sole purpose that they KNOW guys be starin’

  • John

    To quote a by-gone GIYP champion Johnny: “Definitely sit-on-my-face material.”

  • sd

    no tits get a ass

  • zachsadooshe

    I’m Down!

  • diggler

    mmm yea, squats do a body good!! sexy as hell!!

  • http://Write g0black

    Straight perfection

  • Kombat Kyle

    Ya need a napkin to finish them drumsticks boy!

  • http://yahoo.com erndogg

    Very tight body! Tight like a tiger!

  • George Costanza

    I cam back to look at this ass, baby I want to eat your shit like a snickers bar!


    I bet she could bust your cock off just riding hard. Look at that tone she’s fuckin sexy maybe perfect. one of the best. let’s see more of this girl.

  • Cuhhneedo

    Fat ass


    Costanza has some straight problems

    Scroll up

    fat ass

  • http://Www.girlsinyogapants.com KarremSWAGG173

    Well time to whip out my dick

  • chase

    haha it looks like my ex, but seriously who is this cause if it is naanaanbooboo i beat those until she went slut.

  • Joe

    He took the pic from the side so you can’t see the huge package he’s sporting in those pants.

  • robert allen

    Bring your “A” game when you deal with women like her!!! OUTSTANDING!!!

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