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Now here’s a woman with her shit together. She regularly hits up the gym, owns a pair of our favourite thing and has a stripper pole in her bedroom. Someone get me her phone number, I think I’m in love.


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  • ME

    I couldn’t agree more! and from the looks of it she doesn’t like panties either lol.

  • Baguito

    Is that a striper pole I seeeeee :))))

  • Andrew

    Yeah that’s what we call a “dream woman” where I come from. Haha

  • riverman

    that pose makes for some good target practice!!!

  • bob

    id lick that asshole then eat the taco.yummy

  • Jon

    Yes, Please and Thank You!

  • janey

    hmm, that reminds me, i need a new pole…

  • Justin

    Dear Janey,
    I thought you were a lesbian.


  • Jeephreak

    Nice use of props although I would happily donate the use of my pole, and by pole, I mean my tailgate stripper pole. I bet you were thinking something else you pervs.

  • Yowza

    Ummmm. YES I WOULD!

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • Bill

    same chick from “domestic dispute” not that i’m complaining

  • Johnboy

    @Janey, that was an attention whore comment… LOL!

  • StrokerAce

    Uh oh……boner…raging………….

    Oh boy………



  • youadot

    She looks old. PASS

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    This is what im talking about :) great ass :)

  • DWane

    I am in love or is it lust…..sweet ass either way!!!!
    The pole is the bomb!!!

  • StrokerAce

    @youadot – you need to stop hanging with Roman Polanski. Seriously, dude.

  • money shot

    mmmmm…..want to sniff her brownie sooo bad! ;)


  • brandon

    ma’am, you are perfect. i make over 100k a year and i would gladly want to get to know you! comment on this post to answer

  • http://twitter wildwolf

    minkia what an ass…….. i wanna spread it open n lick it with wide wet paint brush licks……………….

  • Johnny

    I’ll happily submit to her!

  • Darwin

    Hats off to the pantyless!!!

  • adlyia

    Outstanding!!! In the matrimonial circles, this is what is referred to as a “Before” picture!

  • Beatten

    Bob wrote. “id lick that asshole then eat the taco.yummy”

    Why? do the other way around so your taco is not crappy. Other then that nice “yoga pants”

  • Flash

    I’d lick that like a puppy.

  • Marco

    Mmmmm….that’s a sniffable/rimmable bum.

  • eddie

    great grabbable hips, lovely curve on the ass, nice waist… can’t complain at all!

  • http://Yahoo Johnny Rodriguez

    I’d be more then happy to spank that! Then a good pounding would be in next!! Look me up On Facebook! I’ll be wearing a Detroit Baseball hat!!

  • Robert Giordano

    Wow that’s a great ass wouldn’t mind
    Getting to know you.Now that’s a woman
    Who takes care of herself

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