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This GIYP fan writes: I’m not sure if the world likes my big ass but, my boyfriend certainly does — well “Peach”, as you so wish to be called, your boyfriend has good taste in butts. Make the jump to see an enlarged/full version of this shot!

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  • GoCanes

    Could’ve taken a better photo, but from this vantage point it looks pretty good.

  • Willie

    I love plus size asses!!! Mo cushion fo tha pushin!!! oh and it’s looking good from this angle girl!! More angles plz!!

  • BoB

    I wouldn’t call it plus size, butt (get it?) I’m lovin it!

  • Sam

    Small comparing with Kim’s K.

  • Maestro

    i love it when girls have a self proclaimed big ass. let guys give you that honor. honestly its a nice ass but its not really that big at all. the fact that youre wearing yoga pants makes it look more curvaceous than i think it really is. is it a nice ass? Most definitely but is it big? no, not in my opinion.

  • Waka

    Would you guys please fix your site? the big pic is covered by adds on a 1680×1050 screen. Learn to code a website please, or don’t use adds. KTHNX BAI

  • roger klotz

    i have that phone, now i just want that ass!

  • jordanfan

    that butt is just peachy as far as i’m concerned

  • http://www.myspace.com/457527366 Alejandro, fan of CJ

    Love it. If I was your boyfriend, I’d show my continuing appreciation by letting you smash that phat ass on my face on a daily basis while I massage it tightly, squeezing those cheeks like no tomorrow.

  • Matty

    Looks great from here. Would love to see more angles.

  • bigguy

    very very nice

  • not even close

    No.. its not a big ass.. not even close.. its not even a nice ass.. you people are being way to nice.. hurt her feelings.. if you want compliments how about you try not complimenting yourself first..

  • Peach

    i have a nice ass dickwad. a nice, big butt. you’re on a site. looking at ass. why leave pissy comments?

  • diggler

    My opinion, that’s not plus sized, but still a sexy ass.

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