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Don’t worry, you’re not stroking out and we didn’t move to Quebec.. I just figured it was time to learn how to say “booty” in as many languages as possible, which brings us to the title above; translated to English it means “small booty”.. An important phrase to know if you’re ever ordering a whore in Montreal.

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  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    cute, worth a smash…

  • Netjnke

    I wouldn’t really call it small.

    More like Just Right

  • Canuckguy

    Only canucks would get the word play, pun if you will. Mercans are staring blankly now.

  • Canuckguy

    Tres bonne or is it tres bon?
    Yeah, Iknow the ‘e’ needs an accentague, heh, pardon my french.

  • Joe Montana

    Don’t want to sound rude, but “Petit Butin” means more little treasure than booty. You should say “Petit cul” instead!!

  • StrokerAce

    Tres magnifiqué! :D

  • Deamon

    The problem it’s that the translation is not right. I’m from montreal and petit butin means ”Small treasure” . For small booty, you should say ”Petit cul” or more commonly ”petit cul tight ” which mean tight small booty ;)

  • AssMane


  • Andréanne

    P’tit cul tight is the word.

  • Yoga Guy

    Fantastique! Mais Oui!

  • I’m not telling bro I don’t want everyone I know to think in a pervert

    In in French, but I’m wondering because I don’t think we’ll learn this in class: how do you say I got a big boner in french

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