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And this time it comes in the form of a creep shot taken by your friend. She writes: “A friend of mine decided to put a picture of me when I was off guard and so I got a picture of her and put it up for the world to see. Enjoy.” – enlarged shot, available after the jump..

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  • GIYP192

    She gives me an erection in my pants.

  • Mike Hanna

    she gives me an erection in HIS pants^^^

  • Jagoff

    I love creep shots for some reason…

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Juicy Ass

  • Acadian

    Mmmmmmmm very nice

  • StrokerAce

    “Bitch”? No, payback is goddamned wonderful, at least for us and our fapping. ;)

  • cazr

    Dam bitch shis fcken good to fck all nite long yeah….

  • Callmepappy

    Who said vengeance wasn’t sweet? Does she know we have titti Tuesday?

  • CrackMan

    That is a perfect ass for slamming her on all fours in front of the fireplace. I’d be all up in those guts for about 26 minutes…

  • jj

    i want to butt-fuck her with my tongue..
    and probably the girl that sent it in too, hot girls have a lot of hot friends…so if you’re in the market for getting your pooper lapped as well..ya know, right here.

  • Kris Schick

    Thank you for the payback,girls a hottie with a rockin body!

  • wheee

    DO WANT!!!!!11!

  • windowlicker

    you know to really pay her back you should send me a naked shot of here!!! that will get her

  • cynic_74 athotmale

    What a fantastic looking ass! Way better than that over sized dump truck Kardashian ass. I’d love to bend her over and pull those shoulders and that hair of hers. Mmmmmmmm…

  • Ben Dover

    Oh my god, she is perfect!! I love her!! I hope she gets you back so you can get her back and I can see more of her back.

    Tell your friend She is a total babe from all of us here at GIYP.

  • jon brown

    nice ass, wouldnt mind making love to that

  • terry

    jj, I am not a girl. Lol
    I’m a guy xD
    She’s a good friend of mine.

  • dave

    I dont think I have ever benefited from revenge so much in my life. Thanks

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