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This is far better than planking.


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A GIYP fan by the name of “TheYogaGod” sent in this shot of a yoga instructor getting ready to start a class. I don’t know if they know this, but you could probably get a lot of dudes in your class if they knew this was going to be front and center for the entire lesson. I could lie and tell you that I myself just signed up for some hot yoga lessons, but really I’ve just purchased some female sweat scented lube, cranked the heat and put on an instructional video. Keep going for the enlarged shot! › Continue reading


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It’s been brought to my attention that this chick we posted this morning is one of the girls in this video showing off her dance moves in yoga pants. I’ll let the video speak for itself. There are some parts in the second half of it which may require some rewinding and re-watching.


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T.T. 2

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Yes, you guessed right, the title stands for Titty Tuesday part 2. While this one isn’t revealing as our first one today, you can tell she’s got some nice jugs stuffed in that sports bra. Let’s hope she doesn’t go ruin them like this crazy b%^&@ did by tattooing a rapper’s name on them.


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