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Smash or Pass: A fan’s wife

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smashpassfanswifeSubmitted by Kory

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Yoga pants sales were up 45% last year. Here are 45 pics showing why.

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WSJ.com says yoga participation grew 4.5% last year, but more importantly yoga pants sales rose 45%. This is great news, and hopefully is only the beginning. We here at GirlsInYogaPants.com accept complete responsibility for this rise in sales. We don’t want any financial compensation from the pants makers for our work, all we want is more pictures of girls in yoga pants. Here are 45 pictures showing just part of why yoga pants are so popular. Continue to all 45 pics ›

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Hello Kitty yoga pants

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I’ve seen lots of pictures of Hello Kitty tattoos, but never Hello Kitty yoga pants until now. I’m actually kind of surprised it took this long. Very nicely done, whoever this girl in the pic is.

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13 pics of hot girls, because yoga pants

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Well, it’s Thursday. You’ve got a couple minutes to kill. You can either look at girls in yoga pants, or look at some other crap. Choose your destiny. » Continue reading “13 pics of hot girls, because yoga pants”

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This booty is too good to be true

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too-good-to-be-trueWe’re told this is porn star @ShanaLuxuryXXX.

Thanks to Dave for the submission.

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