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7 Pics Of Caitlin Rice In Yoga Pants

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catchingupThere’s only a few “must follows” on Instagram, and @CaitlinRiceFit is definitely one of them. So what’s your excuse?
catchingup-3Still need some convincing? Check out the pics below, they’ll probably do the job.
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GIF of a great view at the gym

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yoga pants gif

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When yoga shorts are this short they start to become a yoga thong

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shortshortsI’m not sure whether I should be jealous of the guys that get to go to her gym, or if I feel bad for them. I would get banned from this place so quickly.

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Cheerleaders Are The Best Leaders

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Smash or Pass?

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kinkykatIf you’d smash, you can follow her on twitter here: @_KinkyKat_

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