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Yesterday we showed you Jordan Carver’s boobs, and they were magnificent. A fan sent in some more shots from this beautiful woman’s yoga workout, this time showing off her (very nice) bum! She’s definitely redefining the term “Hot Yoga”. Keep going for the high res shots! › Continue reading


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A GIYP fan sent this in saying it was his girlfriend. Right, and I didn’t have 3 pre-dinner-whoppers as a primer before heading to a All-You-Can-Eat Chinese buffet tonight. Now lets quit with the lies and get real; she’s not your girlfriend. But judging by her attire and the neighborhood she’s hanging out in late at night, she probably could be for a small fee. We’re not hatin’! If this turns in to a new fashion trend, we’ll gladly enjoy the view.

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I never thought I’d be as happy as I was when I found out they’re making Dumb and Dumber 2, with the original cast. That was until I saw these pics of Jordan Carver doing yoga. › Continue reading

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This GIYP fan followed this girl all the way to the bus stop to snap this creep shot. Want to do your own following, but don’t want to be as creepy? Check out our Twitter account, where you can follow Girls In Yoga Pants 24/7 without fear of a slap, a restraining order or an angry boyfriend.


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We hope you’re all enjoying your Friday so far — despite the poor weather for those of us in this arctic hell known as Canada. Here’s a pic of European model Stanija Dobrojevic in yoga pants to set off your Friday properly. Now excuse me while I dodge polar bears, flying hockey pucks and hosers on my way to get the mail.


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