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Friday Frontal: Big Booty & Underboob

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friday-frontal-002Some like ’em thick, some like ’em tiny – this update is for those that enjoy the former, as booty doesn’t get much bigger than this without becoming a mess.
friday-frontal-001So if you’re in to thick girls, make the jump and enjoy another 6 pics of this babe who may or may not be a stripper. I say this, because 2 of the pics involve her laying on extremely large amounts of cash, and another is a bikini pic in what can only be described as a strip club locker room. If this isn’t your thing, fear not! There’s at least a good 4000 posts on this website that will likely appeal to you. Click here for 6 more pictures of her in & out of yoga pants ›

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A porn star took this creep shot:

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creep-shot-006Remember controversial porn star @MiaKhalifa? Well she snapped this pic of a girl on a BMW motorcycle she pulled up beside on her way home. I don’t know about you guys, but a hot chick on a crotch rocket makes my crotch rocket.

BONUS: Video of Mia Khalifa twerking to a song about her

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A small ass in tight yoga pants

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small-booty-yoga-pants-001This one is strictly for the small booty lovers. Not everyone loves a ton of junk in the trunk, and we completely respect that! So here’s one for all you guys who don’t like more than a handful.

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GIF: A booty being presented for action

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I first stumbled across this woman’s account because a fan thought I might be interested in purchasing her sticky, post-flight yoga pants. That’s right, this girl sells her underwear and yoga pants soaked in vagina juice and even goes as far as selling her “shark week” thongs. For those of you who are like me and not down with the cool kid lingo, that’s period blood panties. I admire her entrepreneurial spirit and applaud her lack of shame when it comes to the juices that drip from below – while I personally have no use for them, there’s pics of some avid follower who paid for a date with her so you know some guys are in to it. Also, by “pay for a date” I mean literally just that… no banging, he just took her on a date and gave her money to do it. I really gotta talk to mom about raising my allowance, because while blood soaked underwear aren’t my thing, being seen in public with cute chicks is definitely something I would get sweaty over.

Follow her on Twitter @CearaLynch, in case you’re really in to lady juices or if you need DNA to pin a murder on someone.

The 24 hottest yoga pants .GIFs ever »

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Slightly see-through grey yoga pants

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