Random Girl in Yoga Pants

She’s a MILF, she’s a nurse, and her ass looks incredible in yoga pants

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College Volleyball Girls In Yoga Shorts

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GIYP fan Alex submitted this pic he claims was recently snapped of his college’s volleyball team. While we appreciate the view, but our sources tell us this picture has been around the internet since at least 2010. Not that we’re complaining, Alex can lie to us all day if it means delivering top quality booty.

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Ahh, my favorite, yoga pants & Jordans

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You’re feasting your eyes on the lovely @HannahStocking, who has very nice taste in kicks.

12 more pics of dat ass in yoga pants & workout shorts ›

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7 Pics: Hot 23-Year Old Polish Girl In Yoga Pants

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Meet Karolina Debczynska. She’s a model from Poland. I had to copy and paste her name because there’s no way I’m gonna remember how to spell that one, even though she is super hot. » Continue reading “7 Pics: Hot 23-Year Old Polish Girl In Yoga Pants”

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Throwback Thursday: Epic big booty

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We’ve seen this pic before, but who the hell is she?!

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