Random Girl in Yoga Pants

Pants So Tight They Look Painted On

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4 pics of @ijustliv’s booty

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Feast your eyes on these four pics of Instagram user @ijustliv and her epic booty in yoga pants. » Continue reading “4 pics of @ijustliv’s booty”

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Panty lines in yoga pants

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A Cure For Your Case Of The Mondays

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Submitted by Ada

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Meet The Beautiful @MissPrestin

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If you’re on Twitter, you’re going to want to follow @MissPrestin. She’s a 10, but that’s only the beginning! As her twitter bio states:

Voted #1 in Canada 2013 | Registered Nurse | International published cover model | fitness&health expert | McMaster University BA

Impressive resume. Voted #1 in Canada 2013? I don’t even know what the contest is but as a Canadian looking at her Instagram pictures, she has my vote. So if you’re as impressed as we are, do yourself a favour and like her page on Facebook. This way you can make sure that your every waking moment is filled with her incredible body.

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