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5 Pics To Help Lululemon’s Plummeting Stock

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Business Insider says Lululemon shares are down 15% after the company cut their revenue and earnings forecasts. As the biggest supporter of yoga pants on the web, I’ve put together these 5 pics in an effort to help them out. » Continue reading “5 Pics To Help Lululemon’s Plummeting Stock”

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The Cougar in yoga pants & a thong

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It’s always nice to get pics from The Cougar. Now if I remember correctly, which I may not because I just smoked a big PCP-laced joint, this is the first thong pic we’ve seen of her. The Cougar writes: “Hey guys love the new look of the web site. Thank you for making my 2013 so much fun. I know this pix does not have yoga pants. Let just say they are on the floor next to me. LOL.” Thong pic ›

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3 Pictures And A GIF Of Hot Girls In Yoga Pants Actually Doing Yoga

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Most girls are connected to yoga solely by the name of the style of their pants, with few actually practicing the art of yoga. So we thought we’d shake up your week by starting it off with a collection of pictures capturing this rare moment. Click here to check them out ›

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If you expected Monday to be productive in any way, I’m sorry… but I think I might have just ruined any chance of that. Grab a box of tissues and get lost in the loop.

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Meanwhile in Serbia

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It’s always nice getting pics from different parts of the world. As long as there’s a girl in yoga pants in them.

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