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George Costanza Got A Girlfriend

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george-costanzaIf you frequent our comment section you may have noticed a regular known as George Costanza had disappeared. He wrote in saying:


It’s me George Costanza. I haven’t commented in a long time because I finally got a gf :D so she takes up most of my time. The other day she saw me on your website and asked about it, I told her i love yoga pants so she put on a pair and let me take pics for you guys. She wants to know what you guys think?”

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A Chive Girl In Yoga Pants

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Girl with a big booty at the gym

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Who is she?

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This is how yoga class is done

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Girls in yoga pants actually doing yoga ›

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Girl in yoga pants on Facebook

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Nice ass, but she’s doing one of my pet peeves. Leaving your laptop running on the bed is living too close to the edge for my tastes.

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