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A new creep shot of his girlfriend

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girlfriend-001The guy who couldn’t resist taking a creep shot of his girlfriend’s awesome booty is back with another one. This one seems a little less “creep shotty” and a little more “staged to make her ass look amazing”, but maybe that’s just me. Either way, I welcome this anonymous couple to send in as many pics as they can. If you think so to, click the little thumbs up or let them know in the comments.

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Thong Thursday: A female US soldier in and out of yoga pants

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military-girl-in-yoga-pants-001A GIYP fan sent in these pics of his girlfriend who’s in the US military. He says she wants to know if y’all appreciate her booty as much as you appreciate her service.
military-girl-in-yoga-pants-003I’m Canadian, but I still appreciate it. Click here to see her in just a thong →

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Epic booty in white yoga pants from the U.K.

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via @hells_fitness

18 more pics of her in yoga pants ›

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Impressive booty selfie at the gym

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via @amandalatona

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Creep shots of a MILF with a small ass

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creep-shot-015GIYP fan and professional creep shotter @WaynesThangs has amassed just over 27,000 followers by taking pictures of butts all day. Occasionally we retweet them to our followers, and sometimes, when they’re this good, we feature them on the homepage. This here is his most popular set of pics to date, receiving over 100 RT’s and nearly 300 favorites. Do you think it’s worth all the attention it’s getting? Have a look at the 3 others below and let him know what you think either in the comments or on twitter. » Continue reading “Creep shots of a MILF with a small ass”

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