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Say hello to Ol’ Thunderbutt

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thunderbuttThis woman wants to surprise her boyfriend Jared, she writes:

My husband calls my ass “ol thunderbutt”

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For fans of small booty

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small-booty-greenOn a scale of 1 – 10, how would you rate this booty?

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Enjoying The View In Colorado

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outdoor-yogaBetween this and the weed, I’m thinking I might have to relocate.

Submitted by John

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Yoga pants truly are the bacon of clothing (9 pics)

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Those yoga pants in the last pic are pretty damn see-through. » Continue reading “Yoga pants truly are the bacon of clothing (9 pics)”

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He couldn’t resist taking creep shots

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small-booty-creep-shotYou know the booty is good when someone is willing to risk getting caught taking a creep shot just so he can supply you with the best possible angle. + 3 more

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