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The Patriots Have Hot Fans Too!

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super-bowl-booty-005We’re trying to predict the Super Bowl by who has the hottest fans, so we’re pinning this gorgeous girl Melissa Teixeira (@HemiGirl on Twitter) against the beautiful babe featured in this post for the Seahawks.
super-bowl-booty-007We’re not trying to sway your vote in either direction, but it should be worth noting that Melissa was on a lingerei football team, which is just fucking awesome. So if you like what you see, click the thumbs up here. If you like the Seahawks fan better, go click that thumb! And then join me after the jump for a couple more pics of this babe’s body.

Edit: For some reason the thumbs up won’t load on this post, so that plan has officially gone to hell. Oh well! Enjoy the hot girls anyways. Click for 2 more pics ›

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The Big Game Booty: Who’s hotter?

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super-bowl-bootyThat’s the question we’re asking on Twitter:

So far, the Sea Gals seem to be dominating. Do you agree? Click here for 2 more pics before making your decision ›

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Princess Leia’s been doing her squats

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Now look at these r2-d2 yoga pants »


The 13 most badass Star Wars tattoos ever »

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6 Photos: Sandra Prikker in yoga pants (Prikker? I hardly know her)

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Sorry for making fun of your name, everyone named Prikker. Sandra is a smokin’ hot girl from the Netherlands you can find on Instagram at @sandraprikker. Enjoy these pics & comment which one is your favorite! I have a feeling it’s gonna be the very last one… » Continue reading “6 Photos: Sandra Prikker in yoga pants (Prikker? I hardly know her)”

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Friday Frontal: The Cougar’s Camel Toe

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the-cougar-001As if that was enough, there’s a pic of her in her bra and unbuttoned jeans waiting for you below. Click here to check it out ›

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