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Sydney Maler in yoga pants (6 Photos)

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Meet @sydneyamaler from California. Leave your thoughts in the comments. » Continue reading “Sydney Maler in yoga pants (6 Photos)”

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Are these yoga shorts or underwear?

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yoga-shorts-012Because if a girl wears these to the gym, it’s not my fault if I get a boner.

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Titty Tuesday: Goth Edition

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giyp-sarah-001I usually try to refrain from using the term ‘goth’ as a lot of people don’t seem to enjoy the label, but this girl @StillSarahAllen has it listed in her bio so I think it’s okay. You may or may not recognize her, as her booty and excellent thigh gap have been featured on our website a few times in the past. Well, I was talking to her yesterday and she decided to snap some new pics of herself. I was pretty happy with the results, and may have went to full chub when she mentioned her tight little body is sculpted from a strict lifestyle of red meat and squats.

Browsing her Instagram, you’ll notice she’s got an exceptionally attractive [Read: Big bootied] roommate. Now I’m no rocket appliance, but I’m pretty sure if we’re nice enough we can convince them both to pose side by side in yoga pants. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s something I’m very interested in seeing. » Continue reading “Titty Tuesday: Goth Edition”

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Brazilian booty in pink

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via @suelynmedeiros

7 more pics of her »

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Yoga pants use #329: Projector screen

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