Random Girl in Yoga Pants

You could bounce a quarter off it

C. Minstaneposted by:



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Nice booty, questionable haircut

C. Minstaneposted by:

I’m personally not a fan of the shaved side of the head on girls, but I am a fan of grey yoga pants. This is a very conflicting picture for me.


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The Assman Returns With Some High Quality Content

Jon Johnsonposted by:

assmanAny oldschool GirlsInYogaPants.com fan will recognize the name ASSMAN – a regular content submitter that dropped incredible ass off to our email like he was the Santa of booty. He disappeared for a while, and there were conspiracy theories floating around that either him and Johnny were the same person… or they met, fell in love and went to live out their days on a beach. But he’s back so either we were wrong, or the relationship is over and the ASSMAN is back.

We assume the latter.


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A Venezuelan Girl’s Butt-Lift Workout In Yoga Pants

Herb Eaversmellsposted by:

One of the most pleasant YouTube experiences I’ve had in a while has been watching this video: › Continue reading


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See-through Yoga Pants Reveal Yellow Thong

Herb Eaversmellsposted by:

see-throughI’d like to swipe my credit card between those cheeks and purchase that thong, but I think her husband might have a problem with that.

Submitted by EC


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