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A lot of girls waste our time with two images that are the exact same, but mirrored. This girl put in the effort to take nearly identical pictures, and for that we give her props. If big booty is your thing, keep going for the enlarged pic and let her know what you think in the comments.



10 Comments Amateur  //  Big booty
  • Henri Poincare

    mmmmmm… very nice indeed…

  • Moe


  • Dr T and the Women

    Lay off the curly fries.

  • Rob A

    I love big booty. Pass that ass over here.

  • holyshititsgood

    That’s a little to long Chica

  • Aaron

    Love that ass,and people wonder why I only go for Latin women right here answers that question

  • Greg

    One word, “FUCK!!”

  • Dr Joel

    Nasty…in a bad way

  • Tgrahams

    Meh..1st to admit im a big booty, wide hips lover but this one isnt moving me for some reason

  • BG

    Her name is Stephanie Santiago. Instagram: stephanie_santiago

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