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I’ve never seen that green flooring before, but I’m guessing those painted lines mean it’s similar to our hockey ice and that that’s some sort of floor ball playing area? Either way, these girls are using it for yoga and one of our fans had his phone out. Make the jump to see another shot

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  • Johnny

    Whatever it is, it seems like a quality spectator sport to me…

  • maestro716

    ohhhh yea. theyre waiting for me. how nice!

  • BoBo

    If this is a new sport, where can go to be a referee???? No on second thought….. an equipment coach.

  • kk

    haha rawrrrr ;)

  • PaintballMike

    I want it. now. D:

    PS: does anyone else agree that this Johnny guy looks like a serial rapist?

  • Aaron

    I’d rather be an athletic supporter.

  • janey

    everyone does, paintballmike… everyone…
    and nice pic!

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  • in love

    yes bow down before your Master!!
    as a reward you may pleasure me
    your welcome

  • BDI’s

    Field-Turf… Football/Soccer/Rugby/Lacrosse/Field Hockey/Yoga(!?!)… Whatever… “Face down, ass UP!”

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