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You probably don’t recognize this bum, but it’s the same girl featured in our Old School update from January. Back then she needed to update her computer monitor, now I think it’s time she upgrades her yoga pants.. This booty is bursting through the seams! Full, glorious shot.. after the jump!

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  • Nauticus3

    There is a God.

  • bootywatcher33


  • jay

    daammn thats nice

  • Aldusxenon

    God damn, god damn. i said god damn.

  • jose

    Holly crap, that ass looks delicious!!!

  • bahir

    What tha fuck paaaaanchod

  • Mike

    sweet jesus!

  • Jonathan

    OMG! Look at the seam! ITS ABOUT TO BLOW!

  • StrokerAce

    Somewhere in the US, there’s a pervboy named “StrokerAce” trying to simultaneously type one-handed AND pick his jaw up off the floor.

    Oh wait, that’s me…butt I was right, wasn’t I? ;)

  • Richard Head

    She should wear those pants until the seams do burst and then let me rip them all the way apart with my mouth.

  • maestro716

    I wish some of these pictures were scratch and sniff

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Althman?feature=mhum Althman

    Althman wants to spank those naughty booty cheeks. Looks so tantalizing, babe.

  • Vic

    lets see all the kinds you have ;D and if you dont have more then its either yoga pants..or no pants

  • http://devon.Lakers2416/Facebook.com Devon2416

    Me Like!

  • Aaron

    Great googily moogily! Moar!

  • yowza

    Dinner is served! love that ass!

  • money shot

    WOW…..just wow!

    I guarantee that Janey is salivating at the sight of that amazing ass! Mmmmmmmmm……. would sniff/lick that brownie all day/night!


  • http://www.askmen.com Akeem Alexander

    That OLD SCHOOL VERSION TWO Slimy Inappropriate Ass is going to be Fucked First in My Top 100 Billboard Fuck List!!! ;D

  • Dave

    You know what would be great with that ass is cowbow sex. Cowboy sex is when you mount her from the rear grab a hand full of hair and call her another girls name YEE HAW RIDE HER COWBOY!!!!!!!

  • Johnny

    That’s my kind of giyp.

  • Darwin

    i’ll bust into them while she busts out!!!! We’ll meet in the middle!

  • cantgetenuffadatass


  • janey’s admirer

    i need another tissue please….

  • Marco


  • Flash

    I’m still starring at the picture waiting for the seam to split.

  • towerATC

    I love all that hair and that butt! Damn…

  • ReTard

    I just discovered this site … and I’m already addicted !!!!!

  • ramrod

    Damn i would eat a pound of resses pieces off that fine ass

  • YourNameHere

    DDDAAAAMMMNNN! Look how perfectly finished that hardwood floor is!

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